Neurologists have trusted electronic imaging data for quite some time. From MRI’s and CAT scans to sleep studies and EEG’s, the reliability and accuracy of these medical imaging data systems are extremely important for delivering good quality neurology care.

With the new health reforms in place and incentives on reporting clinical documentation, all this sophisticated technology is really undermined if each of the neurologist’s diagnostic equipment isn’t integrated with a good Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software.

Choosing an EHR for a neurology practice can really be a daunting task for most clinicians. The same goes for providers and practice managers who think that they are technology-inclined enough to take this bull by its horns. This is because there are so many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market that it gets really hard for you to choose the right one for your neurology practice. Most physicians and small practices think that buying a free EMR software is enough, but this is seldom the case.

An EHR software that is designed exclusively for a neurologist’s workflow is really beneficial when it comes to medical documentation and seamless reporting. You really need to look at your workflow to determine the administrative aspects of your EHR and also consult for providers to ensure that the software you are choosing provides the features that they need. If your physicians conduct physical exams, medical imaging and viewing patient records in different rooms, you need an EMR software that is able to automatically migrate all the patient’s data to a secure source that is accessible from any authorized computer.

Since neurologists require heavy usage of diagnostic and imaging equipment, it is important for their EMR to overcome the challenge of patients having imaging results in a CD format. Such formats will not be recognized by your equipment. Also, many neurologists find the need to send their patients for CT’s and MRI’s to external facilities and their results need to be added up to the EMR as well. Experts say that finding an EMR that is based on the myriad of medical equipment used in imaging centers is really difficult. This is why an EMR software that allows integration with the EMR of external imaging centers.

Besides equipment compatibility, the right EMR for your medical practice should make your life easier. After the initial training, all your staff should be using the software to automate redundant tasks and focus more on the potions. The daily operations of your neurology practice should not have to adapt to accommodate an EMR software of a so and so company. It should be the other way around. The MER software should adapt to your practice workflow and work as you want it to. There should be the option of templates that should be easy to use and understand.

The following are 15 Neurology / Neurosurgery EMR Software for US practices.

  1. Athenahealth EMR Software
  2. Practice Fusion EHR Software
  3. drchrono
  4. Epic EHR Software
  5. eClinicalWorks EHR Software
  6. ChartLogic EHR Suite
  7. Kareo Clinical EHR Software
  8. NueMD
  9. Greenway Health PrimeSUITE
  10. MediTouch EMR System
  11. Aprima EHR
  12. CareCloud
  13. CureMD
  14. WRS Health
  15. OneTouch EMR