CareCloud EHR software is considered a leader in the field of electronic medical records (EMR) software. A comprehensive healthcare technology solution, CareCloud EHR software is perfect for medical practices of any size. But is it the best software solution for your practice? We find out its pros and cons in our 2023 software review.

What CareCloud EHR Software Offers

A cloud-based software, CareCloud provides tools like patient management, patient experience management, and revenue cycle management (RCM) to providers. They have three comprehensive plans to choose from:

CareCloud Concierge: A revenue cycle management tool, CareCloud Concierge allows practitioners to offload the burden of collections so they can focus on providing top-quality care. A back-office team handles revenue cycle and claim submissions, claiming it can increase collections by 7%.

CareCloud Central: This is CareCloud’s answer to all your practice management concerns. Automating day-to-day tasks, CareCloud Central has billing software, scheduling software, and patient management.

CareCloud Charts: A comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) plan, CareCloud Charts includes patient flow, e-prescribing, patient health summary, and critical clinical decision support.



Benefits of CareCloud EHR Software

Feature Rich

CareCloud EHR Software is definitely feature-rich. With so many plans to choose from, it has something for everybody. If you’re looking for just a couple of functions or an entire suite, CareCloud can make it happen for you.

CareCloud Breeze

A dedicated patient portal, CareCloud Breeze makes it easy for patients to fill out intake forms, check in, and make payments. Intake forms are customizable and easy to go through, reducing time for both front desk staff and patients. It can be purchased as a stand-alone software tool or added to an existing CareCloud plan.

CareCloud Live

This is CareCloud’s answer to telehealth needs. HIPAA-complaint, CareCloud Live allows practitioners to conduct sessions with their patients via video call. This is also available as a stand-alone software. It can also be added to an existing CareCloud plan.

Precision BI

It doesn’t stop there. CareCloud EHR software provides business analytics solutions as well. With Precision BI. practices can consolidate clinical, financial, and business data for enhanced decision-making in a bid to reduce costs and enhance functionality.

Points to Consider Before Buying

Nontransparent Pricing

Unfortunately, CareCloud EHR software does not give information on pricing online. Interested practitioners have to get in touch with a sales representative to get a quote.

No Free Version/Trial

There is no free version of the software, nor is there a free trial.

Difficult To Upload Large Files

Reviewers have complained about the difficulty in uploading large files to the software. This can be a little annoying when working with large files and patient data. Though this can be a minor disruption during the smooth operations of a clinic, it can easily be overcome.

Not Available on Android

The Android app is not available as of now. It may be available in the future.