Gastroenterologist reviews multiple organs and functions, they need Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) tools specific to their specialization to streamline everyday functionality.

Gastroenterology is a specific medical specialization that focuses mostly on the digestive accompanying systems and functions that include all the organs starting from the mouth and all the way down to the rectum. In order to improve financial and workflow efficiency and meet the complex and unique needs gastroenterology practice digital patient charting, patient portal, custom templates for common ailments, ICD-10 assistance, image management offering robust EHR and PM system is a necessity.

For a small practice selecting the right software system for your medical office can become a daunting task. It is advised that small practices shouldn’t opt for a Free or Open Source EMR Software in place of a specialty-specific software even though it is affordable and gets the job done. This doesn’t say that there are no options available. Given many specifications, there are many excellent affordable options for a Gastroenterology Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) Software right for your solo or small practice.

Features of Gastroenterology EMR & PM Software

To have a good understanding of how the software works, it is advisable to learn about the different features and functionalities of the software. Before choosing a Gastroenterology EMR software, you should check if the software has the following key features:

Gastroenterology Specific Templates – Software made especially for gastroenterology should offer Customized Gastroenterology Specific templates to save time and increase the efficiency through removal of redundant options during documentation.

Workflow Management – Gastroenterology EHR software should be able to manage, document and maintain large volumes of data and all the Gastroenterology related workflows.

Real-time Dashboard Gastroenterology EHR software must feature a real-time dashboard that clearly shows patient charts, profiles, billing processes, scheduling, etc.

ICD/CPT Codes – Gastroenterology Electronic Medical Records should offer constantly updated and relevant ICD-10 codes.

Imaging Integration – Gastroenterology EMR Software must be integrated with endoscopy and colonoscopy imaging machines so test results can be immediately available.

Disease Registers – Gastroenterology EMR software should have inbuilt to alert doctors in case there are certain symptoms that warm of worsening conditions, or drugs and allergies.

Top 10 Gastroenterology EMR Software by EMRFinder

There are so many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market that it gets really difficult to choose the right one for your Gastroenterology practice. Here are our budgeted top picks for your practice.

Among all the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market that caters to gastroenterology only a few of them really offer specialization specific features. Many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software vendors offer a lot of features but providers mostly find them redundant or perceive them as a marketing gimmick. Some of these features are actually very helpful as they are advertised, but what should concern you is whether they are relevant to your particular practice or not.

Affordable Gastroenterology EMR software designed exclusively for a Gastroenterology practices’ workflow is really beneficial. As most small practices run on a budget you really need to look at your workflow to determine the administrative aspects of the EHR and also consult your provider to ensure that the software you are choosing only provides those features and not more than what you need.