Many factors may make an Electronic Medical Records software company perform better than the competition, but the most significant factor is unsurprisingly a company’s sales and marketing strategy. Reports by independent industry and media outlets feature several articles about “Top EMR Systems” to be published and marketed across digital and print media. They usually highlight a company’s growth strategy, customer satisfaction, value for money and innovation as the factors in deeming EMR software vendors worthy of a spot on the “Top EMR Software” list.

But is it really that simple to rank EHR Software companies based on sales figures and who determines the success and failure of innovation or value that providers get from any particular EMR systems supplier?

The answer is hidden at the core of the way businesses and especially software companies compete in today’s market. Using the power of digital marketing, it doesn’t take rocket science to get in front of a target audience and exude credibility by using fancy graphics and lengthy well-drafted reports. However, from the perspective of a genuine buyer, these reports usually do not offer a realistic and helpful picture of the market.

Therefore, this article will attempt to determine and classify the Top 5 EMR Systems available in the market today for small physician practices with less than 10 physicians. The data collected for this article is backed by user reviews and opinion of EMR software users.

1. Epic Systems

Epic EMR software is quite simply the biggest and most experienced player in the market with installations across major hospitals in the US and other countries, as well as a fair share of the private physician practice market. Several factors make Epic EMR systems a viable choice for a small to mid-sized practice, such as attention to detail, market credibility, clinically focused design, and data exchange capabilities across the healthcare continuum.

2. Athenahealth

Cloud-based EMR Software companies in the US have an undisputed leader in Athenahealth when it comes to disruptive business strategy and consistent performance. This EMR software company was one of the first to offer Medical Billing Services along with the software package, which enabled it to consistently maintain a profitable and steady growth rate. The company also chose to invest in next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence.

3. Cerner

A global leader in health information management systems, Cerner can be regarded as a pioneer in the digitization of healthcare information. This Electronic Health Records software company provides solutions in Asia, Middle East, North America and Australian markets with a localized version of an enterprise product portfolio across various specialty divisions.

4. NextGen

This EMR software company is regarded as a steady and consistent performer across both the inpatient and ambulatory care sectors. NextGen EMR system seems to have gained more and more users without the marketing and sales driven strategies employed by some of the other companies in this category. The company has a solid EHR platform that benefits from a solid reputation among existing customers and a proven record of technological innovation.

5. eClinicalWorks

Similar to Athenahealth, eClinicalWorks can be regarded as a business strategy leader across the EHR market in the US with a consistent growth rate and a cost-saving driven model of outsourcing key operational areas to offices in India. The company benefits from a relatively simpler approach of more sales at a more affordable price than the competition.