Renowned EMR Software vendor in the US, athenahealth EHR Software has announced to join hands with health IT provider DrFirst to help enhance medication adherence and patient outcome levels. A secure messaging platform will be implemented to improve medication adherence with patients.

Problems with medication non-adherence

Medication non-adherence is a grave issue and a costly problem. Non-adherence is when patients don’t take their prescribed medications. This problem is unfortunately common in patients suffering from chronic illnesses. When patients don’t take their medication they can fall ill and their health conditions can get worse. 20 percent to 30 percent of new prescriptions are abandoned by patients according to the FDA due to high costs, procrastination, and apprehensions about side effects. Ultimately medication non-adherence in patients can lead to negative patient outcomes, increased rate of hospitalization, or even loss of life.

Benefits of athenahealth and DrFirst partnership

Software vendor athenahealth has always taken proactive steps to improve results for its users and patients. It is important for every healthcare provider that their patient takes their medication as it can boost clinical outcome levels.

By integrating DrFirst’s RxInform to athenaOne, every clinician will have access to an automated function within the existing prescribing workflows to make way for improved patient outcome levels. When a healthcare provider will send a prescription order to the pharmacy, RxInform will alert patients by sending automated text messages regarding every prescription detail which includes, pick-up directions, savings information and, educational material.

The robust patient engagement technology can provide users of athenahealth EHR software to support patient adherence to recommend medication. Furthermore, price transparency can drive medication adherence.

Importance of medication adherence

The key to medication adherence is to ensure that the patient can afford to get the prescribed medicine. High medication cost is one of the main barriers to medication adherence which can result in negative health outcome levels.

A strong connection established with the provider or pharmacist is important for medication adherence. Taking the medication at the right time can control and best manage chronic conditions and improve overall health and wellness in the long run.