Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) require a more automated, accurate and streamlined clinical documentation and practice management process to abide by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) guidelines. A system that can eradicate monotonous tasks and make clinical information error-free, secure and easily accessible.

Speech therapy software is a unique, customizable, and compliant to the regulation system that is designed to automate the routine process of pathologists (e.g. data documentation, accessing clinical information, coding for reimbursements, etc.). Speech Therapy Software Vendors offer full-fledged and/or module based EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and RCM Software to serve the financial and clinical workflow needs of the individual practice.

Features of Speech Therapy EMR Software

Before choosing a Speech Therapy EMR & PM Software it is imperative to learn about the different features and functionalities of the software. Following key features as per the 2020s Speech Therapy EMR Software Buyers Guide:

Specific Templates – Speech Therapy EMR software should provide customizable templates to declutter the SOAP note-taking process

Workflow Management – Speech Therapy Software should be able to deal with recording and storing large volumes of data and provide clinical decision support.

Coding & Billing – SLP Electronic Medical Records software should have the capability to reference relevant ICD-10 and CPT codes.

e-Prescriptions & Medications – SLP EMR Software must offer online prescriptions and refills through an automated list of prescriptions.

Dashboard – Speech Therapy EMR software must provide an insightful real-time dashboard with multiple tab options.

Document Management – SLP Software should be able to manage and store documentation as per ASHA recommendations.

PQRS Support – Speech Therapy EMR software should include preloaded G-codes and modifiers to help automate this PQRS reporting.

Custom lists – Speech Therapy EMR software should include lists for lab and/or procedural orders

Top 10 Speech Therapy EMR & PM Software by EMRFinder

From all the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market here are our top picks for your practice.

Many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software vendors offer a lot of features but providers mostly find them redundant or perceive them as a marketing gimmick. Some of these features are actually very helpful as they are advertised, but what should concern you is whether they are relevant to your particular practice or not. You really need to look at your workflow to determine the administrative aspects of the EHR and also consult your provider to ensure that the software you are choosing only provides those features and not more than what you need.