The  Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is streamlining the distribution of addiction treatment and recovery support content distribution by tapping Oracle Cerner Electronic Health Records (EHR) software solution. Betty Ford Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems to offer care to communities suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  It was founded in 1949 and offers mental healthcare and therapeutic resources to enhance patient outcome levels.

How will the new EMR Software system help Betty Ford Foundation?

The new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software by Oracle Cerner is set to personalize care by making it easier for clinicians to assign digital content, related to therapeutic education and exercises through the EHR systems patient portal platform.

By offering personalized care patients will be satisfied. Patients at Betty Ford Foundation will feel empowered as they have simple access to relevant resources throughout their care journey. When patients feel on top of their health they are in a better position to recover faster. Digital health content is a vital part of patient care and support, by tapping Oracle Cerner EMR Software the right content can reach the right patients at the right time.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation can now assign therapeutic content from within the electronic health records system workflow to respond effectively to individual patient needs and situations. Moreover, care teams will be able to gain important insights as to how the patients are engaging with the content and how good they are performing through the analytics feature in the software system’s user-friendly dashboard. The current content can be edited and fresh content can be launched whenever required.

The importance of digital health

Digital health is revolutionizing the healthcare sector by providing opportunities to enhance patient care and help providers create better patient experiences to keep them satisfied. The software integration will help clinical staff members to care for the patients. Assigning digital health content to patients through the patient portal platform will ensure that care can be personalized.