Clinicians have been using Electronic Health Records (EHR) for quite a while, but one question they can’t get over is whether a cloud-based system is better than an on-premise or not. Cloud-based systems may be comparatively new in the market but their benefits are immense. Not only they are economical, but they can also be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Yet many people favor the on-premise systems reasoning that the cloud-based EHRs are not secure enough. So here are a few pros and cons of Cloud-based EMR Software:


  • Cloud-based systems are a cost effective option for solo/small practices
  • You don’t have to install a server software or purchase hardware and maintain them
  • Cloud-based systems come with better customer support
  • There are less up-front payment for licensing
  • Cloud-based systems offer an easier transition to different systems
  • They are easy to set up
  • Cloud-based systems come with more sophisticated security measures for the protection of patient’s medical data
  • Not necessary for a practice to meet the HIPAA regulations if the software vendor meets them
  • There is more responsibility on the software vendor to meet Meaningful Use requirements than the medical practice
  • Cloud-based systems are an excellent option for physicians who travel a lot and are not office-based.


  • Cloud-based systems offer limited customizability
  • They may have latency or lag time accessing information from across the web
  • Patient data can be compromised in cases it is mixed with other patients
  • Security and backups are at the mercy of the vendor
  • For long-time usage, they are more expensive than on-premise systems
  • The host will control all your patient medical data
  • Medical practice will not be able to work without a steady internet connection
  • There is a danger of losing medical data if the vendor closes business operations
  • Bandwidth may also be limited by practice’s internet connection


Here we observed some of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based health IT systems. Many experts are of the opinion that with the improvement of technology, the US Health IT industry will be dominated by the cloud-based systems in the years ahead. The web-based systems are steadily being more secure and the internet is reaching the furthest rural corners of the country.

Considering the latest advancements, one can be quite certain that most of the cons listed above may eventually disappear in the future. Regardless of the forecasts and predictions, we think that it is always better to have an expert opinion on the perfect Health IT systems such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software because it’s an investment that can affect your business significantly. Therefore, if you need any guidance regarding the matter at hand, the experts at EMRFinder will be more than happy to help you out.