Different medical specialties in the healthcare industry have different implications when it comes to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software relevant to their requirements. Healthcare providers face different challenges unique to every specialty. Same is the case with the Mental & Behavioral Health EMR Software.

The importance of an EHR Software for the mental health practices has already been proven by research and there is no doubt about it, yet finding the perfect Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software for the specific practice can be a big issue. Different EMR/EHR and Practice Management (PM) Software vary in the features they provide and not all software meet the pressing needs of mental health physicians.

With the advancement in science and technology, the need for adaptability for the healthcare industry to these changes has become essential. In this highly dynamic environment, when mental health practices start looking for an EMR Software System, they get really confused about what to look for in the software.

To help practices select the best Mental & Behavioral Health EMR Software, here are the top 4 features that they need to look for in the software.

Medical Billing Software

The Medical Billing Services feature is equipped to take care of all the challenges the staff of the practice can face when handling the Medical Billing procedures. It allows practices to automatically generate bills for the services and also process online payments. It can also verify the insurance information of employees before completing the billing process.

Patient Scheduling

Mental Health Practices face a lot of trouble with scheduling patients on a daily basis and update their calendars. A Patient Scheduling feature allows the scheduling of patients to be automated. An electronic calendar is maintained which handles all these procedures without the need for staff involvement. The patients can also be sent automated Appointment Reminders for their previously scheduled appointments so that they do not miss them.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) feature lets practices manage all the financial and accounting related tasks with minimum staff involvement. The staff only needs to operate the software while all the revenue and costs related records are maintained and updated automatically. This also reduces the number of errors that occur when all the financial calculations are performed on paper.

Clinical Documentation

One of the most essential features of a Mental Health EHR Software is the maintenance of regular notes and proper documentation related to medications, health risk factors, outcomes, etc. so that at the time of decision-making, all the records and documentation is available and is handy. All the notes are also error-free.