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Choosing the best EMR Software for your Practice Size

As expected from the booming healthcare industry, where the sizes of medical practices working and the number of medical specialties being offered is changing every day, the types of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software being [...]

Manage Communications Smartly with a Patient Portal Software

Despite an increasing number of medical practices implementing or adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software to meet the stage two requirements of Meaningful Use (MU), a lot of healthcare providers are still unsure about the [...]

Top 5 Benefits of a Specialty-Specific EMR Software

With the increasing number of vendors offering Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, the EMR software market is getting more and more saturated every day. Practices now have a variety of software to choose from and the competition for the vendors has increased a lot. While the basic functionality […]

Survival Guide for Independent Practices

The business trends in the medical industry are regularly changing. The healthcare world is always facing new government regulations and legislation and has to constantly fight to control the burnout of the staff while still [...]

Best EMR & PM Software for Small Practices in 2019

More than 80% of the healthcare providers in the U.S. have started using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software as of 2019. With the increase in the number of EHR Software users, a large number [...]

EMR Software Comparison Based On Your Requirements

Today in the highly competitive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software market, medical practices can easily fall prey to making the wrong decision mainly because of marketing tactics and the similarity of features between many of the healthcare software products available in the health IT market. […]

5 Must-Have Features for Your Practice Management Software

When healthcare providers are on the hunt for the best Practice Management (PM) Software, there are some key features they need to be aware of. This allows them to take full advantage of the PM System they choose to cater to the administrative needs of their practice. […]