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Ambulatory EMR Systems to consider in 2019

Epic Systems, Cerner, Mckesson, and Meditech are EMR software companies most frequently seen across hospital settings, but these Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software giants have yet to make a mark on the small to mid-sized physician practice market. The ambulatory EMR software market has become even more competitive in 2018, with EHR software companies outperforming each other in areas such as user experience, customer support and especially pricing. […]

Specialty EMR Software

There are hundreds of EMR Software companies in the US today and most of them offer their services to a wide range of specialties such as Cardiology, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology and General Surgery. However, in the field of healthcare, “one size fits all” does not apply […]

Top 5 EMR Software Companies in 2018

Many factors may make an Electronic Medical Records software company perform better than the competition, but the most significant factor is unsurprisingly a company’s sales and marketing strategy. Reports by independent industry and media outlets [...]

Why your EMR Software is not working for you

If you’re wondering whether you’re the only medical provider dissatisfied with your current EHR software platform, don’t despair as most other clinicians probably feel the exact same way. […]

Top 10 US Ranked Chiropractic EMR Software

The Chiropractic EMR Software merges with and increases the efficiency of the electronic medical records by adding features that support chiropractic service. This also enhances the existing features in the EMR/EHR software. […]

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Cerner EHR Implementation Impacts For 2018

The first half of 2018 will have the launch of multiple implementations of Cerner EHR, along with the aim of improving various administration functions and care coordination. The healthcare industry has continued to evolve for the last couple of years. […]

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AdvancedMD EMR Software: Best EMR System Overall

After detailed research and analysis of electronic medical records (EMR) system, we have concluded that AdvancedMD EMR Software is the most recommended system overall. We have picked AdvancedMD from short listed EMR systems. […]

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