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EHR Software Can Save Community Health Center’s Money

As Community Health Centers make budget-conscious decisions the reduction in operating expenses is always a plus. But inexpensive EHR system usually is a headache. Because of the persistent problems with data coordination, hospital staff usually [...]

How EMR Software Improves Patient Care

We all know that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software has revolutionized the healthcare industry. It has changed the way physicians treat their patients, it has changed the way patients and their physicians interact. It has [...]

Apple Health Records Now Accessible to CPSI EHR Software Users

The EMR software provider company, CPSI recently joined the Apple Health Records beta project to improve patient data access to the patients. The Apple Health Records are now available to all CPSI EMR users. CPSI [...]

Amazing Beta Test Results of Apple Health Records

The new feature in the iPhone allows its users to download, customize, view and share their health records. KLAS enterprises hired companies that tested all the 12 beta delivery systems and they found out that, [...]

Top 5 Dermatology EMR & EHR Software 2019

Skincare has become very complicated these days due to the increase in the number of skin cancer diseases. The skin cancer is the most common type of cancer today. This means a great deal to [...]