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Top 5 Benefits of a Customizable EMR Software

For any healthcare provider, selecting the right Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software is a crucial process. Whether your medical practice is in search of a new EMR Software or is just looking for an Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software to shift to, the struggle to search for […]

Does your EMR Software offer these features?

An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software provides an efficient method to manage all the patient data that is recorded by a medical practice before, during, and after the visit of the patient. This might not [...]

Switching to a new EMR Software in 2019

Medical Practices normally shift from one Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software to another to reduce their problems, but if this switch is not made perfectly, it can cause more problems instead. To make a clean [...]

7 Best Ambulatory EMR Software in 2019

Different types of Federal Incentive Programs in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software industry such as the Quality Payment Program and the EHR Incentive Program have played a major role in the rapid growth of [...]

Top 5 Urology EMR Software in 2019

With an increasing number of software vendors entering the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software market every day, it is getting really difficult for practices to choose one best suited for their Urology Specialty. Urology EMR [...]

Choosing the best EMR Software for your Practice Size

As expected from the booming healthcare industry, where the sizes of medical practices working and the number of medical specialties being offered is changing every day, the types of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software being [...]

Manage Communications Smartly with a Patient Portal Software

Despite an increasing number of medical practices implementing or adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software to meet the stage two requirements of Meaningful Use (MU), a lot of healthcare providers are still unsure about the [...]