Epic EMR Software one of the top Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software & Practice Management (PM) Software provider in the United States, is taking drastic steps to help identify potential cases of Wuhan novel coronavirus in providers. The medical update was sent this week to health care customers to make sure all EHR workflows strictly follow the necessary CDC guidelines.

Properties of Epic EMR Software latest Update

The new travel screening questionnaire has been standardized by Epic EMR Software to make sure that medical staff and physicians ask the potential patient about their recent international travel.

If the provided information shows that they have traveled to affected countries and show symptoms similar to the COVID-19 they will be properly guided to take the required steps to self- isolate and start social distancing in order to prevent the potential spread. Limiting contact and self-quarantine has proven to help control and reduce the spread of this pandemic.

It was informed by Epic that the recent update was designed by teaming up with biocontainment experts and infectious disease physicians under the guidelines from the US Centers for Disease and Control.

The updates to the travel screening in Epic EMR Software will help to detect probable cases of COVID-19.  New coronavirus alerts and warnings within Epic’s travel screening activity received by the health care institutions and providers will keep Medical Practices well informed. A quick and timely diagnosis because of these alerts will reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is it necessary to Update

It is crucial and critical to update to ensure a quick and rapid response to get the patient’s isolation and treatment processes started and prevent other people and staff members that are at constant risk to catch the virus.

People and healthcare systems can take benefit from this advancement in health care technology to provide a fast and efficient diagnosis. Epic EMR Systems are now able to respond swiftly with this latest configuration.

Other top-ranked EMR Software such as Modernizing MedicineHealthcare IT Suite and athenahealth EMR Software has also released software updates and provided screening questions for travel to help health care provider notice and spot new cases.