With the advent of Cloud-based technology, the management of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Practice Management (PM) software has become more affordable, secure, and mobile. In fact, a large shift towards the use of a cloud-based EHR software system instead of local servers has been observed in practices of all sizes.

Normally, users try to avoid the hassle of the regular update and maintenance requirements of locally installed software and individual servers. Hence, the benefits of using cloud over a web-based EMR system have been significant, and with its cost-efficient implementation, it has been a clear winner for solo and small group practices.

The five main reasons why practices prefer cloud-based EMR/PM software systems over local servers include:

Security of Patient Data

Cloud-based systems have proven a model of safety and security when it comes to information in all fields whether it is banking, online shopping, social media or anything for that matter. They are highly trustworthy with data since they use high-level encryption methods that render data unreadable. This encrypted data remains protected, and can only be decrypted by an authorized device. Hence, even in the case of a security breach, any kind of information stored within the cloud is completely safe and sound.

Efficient Backup and Recovery Mechanism

One point which really differentiates these Cloud-based EMR Software systems from server-based systems is that they provide regular backups and make sure that data is stored in multiple secured locations. Since the cloud is not a physical device, hence even if God forbid any sort of disaster or a natural catastrophe strikes, the data is never lost and can be easily accessed from any computer with an active internet connection.

Hassle-free Updates

In conventional server-based systems, the servicing and updating requires a lot of effort on the part of the user, and often, just to avoid that hassle, the user decides to continue working on an outdated software, which does not meet the requirements of the ever-changing healthcare market. On the other hand, these cloud-based systems offer automatic updates which are included in the vendor’s monthly or annual payment plan, hence making the update a hassle-free task.

Cost-effectiveness for solo & small group practices

An average comparison of initial set up costs of a server-based system and on the other hand, a cloud-based system shows a difference of up to $35,000. Hence, for smaller group practices, the cloud takes the lead with its lesser up-front costs and decreased staffing needs. These features then become the core competencies for these smaller groups and they easily compete better with other larger groups using server-based systems.

Simpler Transition

Within a cloud-based atmosphere, the initial implementation of the EMR & Practice Management (PM) Software becomes easier. The main reason for this is that these type of software require absolutely zero hardware or software installation and run completely on the web. Moreover, with a cloud-based EMR Software, there is a lesser interruption of cash-flows and practices can get a much faster Return on Investment (ROI) since the implementation process is again, much quicker than server-based EMR/EHR/PM software systems.