Modernizing Medicine is among the leading specialty-specific Healthcare IT Suite vendors that took an initiative during the novel-coronavirus crisis by launching Telemedicine Software solutions. These solutions will help provide real-time audio and video conferencing features to link health caregivers with patients in an effective way.

During this emergency situation EMA® Telehealth-Enabled EHR Software will be available to EMA customers without any additional charges and costs. The idea is to be able to provide consistent care to potential patients that are nervous to visit the hospital facility during the virus. The telemedicine platform will be effective in helping to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is easily transmitted from person to person. The audio and video chat functionality features provide high resolution and are available for EMA healthcare professionals and to the PocketPatient app for patients. The solution will aid health care professionals to treat their existing patients remotely and effectively.

Through the EMA® Telehealth-Enabled EHR Software audio and video chat functionality providers will be able to diagnose and treat patients through the virtual platform and will be able to conveniently reach at-risk patient populations. This will help prevent the spread of the disease as patients won’t have to step out of their homes to receive health care consultation.

Modernizing Medicine telehealth solutions will help flatten the COVID-19 curve as it encourages social distancing. The solution is workable with cellular connections and wireless networking technology WI-FI which will encourage and support physicians to provide personalized care from any place and at any time. This will also promote enhanced patient care during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The real-time telemedicine platform is a way to promote communication between doctors and patients so timely consultations and treatment options can be received by the potential patient when it is required the most.