athenahealth EMR Software, one of the largest EMR Software vendor in the United States by athenahealth inc. has added new order sets to help with the detection coronavirus. The new screening tool added to the EMR software network will help speed up the diagnosis and overall patient monitoring.

The updated features in the Cloud-Based System will help health care providers to be in a better position to face COVID-19.  These new features require no downloads or installations and have been updated directly into the workflows of 130,000 health caregivers. athenahealth hopes that these updates and tools will help limit the spread of infectious disease. New diagnostic testing orders and screening questions have been implemented across athenahealth’s diverse network of hospital and ambulatory users. The new tools are aimed to aid the health care providers better screen and test patients with COVID-19.

Moreover, athenahealth Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software vendor has offered to provide updated code-backed diagnostic test order sets with testing and specimen collection and comprehensive references for screening and diagnostic testing. These tests are up to date with the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease and Control.

Coronavirus has been spreading drastically around the world including the United States of America and people have been advised to practice social distancing and work from home in order to lower the curve. The automatic software updates were released by athenahealth to help the diagnosis process by speeding it up which will in return help to reduce the rapid spread of the disease.

athenahealth inc. is monitoring its network regularly to track down the usefulness of the resources. It was recorded in the first week of the update availability that the screener questions have been used in 30,000 patient encounters. Public health emergency like the coronavirus needs quick action. It is clear that health technology advancements have provided a new platform for patients in this state of panic to receive remote care and better improve patient diagnosis. The information and tools are vital to drive better patient outcomes and help to reduce the spread of this virus.

Digital health can help manage the COVID-19 virus spread greatly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform can detect and spot the spread of the virus. Also, online dashboards can be used as a tool to track daily reported cases of coronavirus, this will help in monitoring patients. In a nutshell technology developments can help identify the disease timely and prevent death rates.

Other top-ranked EMR Software such as Modernizing MedicineHealthcare IT Suite and  EPIC EMR Software has also released software updates and provided screening questions for travel to help health care provider notice and spot new cases.