Well-known EHR Software vendor Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software and MU Healthcare collaborated to form a health IT partnership recently. The main aim of this valuable collaboration is to nurture healthcare quality enhancements. Mu Healthcare has been using Cerner EHR Software solutions for a decade now. In 2009, MU Healthcare joined hands with Cerner to form the Tiger Institute of Health Innovation.

Powering Care Quality Improvements

Initially, this collaboration wanted to meet the first EHR Software meaningful use standards. The health IT implementation turned out to be smooth and Tiger Institute expanded its vision. Now the health institute is targeted to enhance quality outcomes.

Installing and digitizing workflows wasn’t the only motivation but the institute looked for healthcare quality improvement which can keep patients satisfied. To do this, the Tiger Institute deployed an automated intelligence algorithm. These algorithms capture lab data and vital signs to reveal early warnings that the patient may be going into a septic shock.

Leveraging the National Early Warning Score

Mu Healthcare has leveraged National Early Warning Score (NEWS) systems which effectively identify patients that are at risk for sepsis. In their Electronic Health Software system, the institute integrated a NEWS algorithm in order to form an alert system. This system promptly alerted healthcare providers when a patient’s score specified risk for sepsis. Through early detection with the powerful NEWS system patients lives were saved and there was a 22 percent decrease in sepsis mortality.

This vital integration is a part of the Tiger Institutes’ health IT projects in the hope of enhancing clinical quality. Clinical decision support has also been integrated to facilitate the management of blood transfusions.

All these efforts have led to an improvement in the data quality present in the EHR Software system. When data quality is enhanced clinicians are better empowered to make different treatment decisions. Having accurate and complete patient health data and information related to patient histories is important for clinical decision support.

Fruitful Partnership between Cerner and MU Healthcare

The long-lasting partnership with the Cerner EMR Software vendor has helped MU Healthcare to improve patient outcome levels and enhance care delivery. It’s not a usual vendor-client relationship, both organizations work in harmony to deliver mutual goals. The partnership has the best recipe of knowledge with Cerner’s vast experience with healthcare technology and implementation and MU Healthcare’s clinical expertise.

For partnerships to sustain and grow it is important that there is an element of transparency around any health IT challenges. Challenges are foreseeable as the implementation process demands workflow changes and staff members need to be willing to embrace any changes.

Both organizations have unanimously decided to work through all processes and identify issues to clear any problems at a smaller scale. A good partnership is about understanding goals and taking everyone as a team throughout the project.