Gaylord Healthcare in Wallingford is looking to update its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software system. According to a report from myrecordjournal, the MEDITECH EHR software implementation will cost almost $7.6 million.  Federal and state funding will cover the cost of the software implementation. The State Bond Commission is revising legislation to award $4.5 million from state funding to help Gaylord Healthcare take care of some of the costs involved with the new electronic health records implementation.

MEDITECH Expanse EMR Software Implementation

The healthcare system was using an 18-year-old system which is not supported by the manufacturer and is not compatible with the different EHR Software systems used by acute care hospitals in the state. By using the robust MEDITECH Expanse EMR software technology Gaylord Healthcare will be able to simplify the process of referring patients to and from outside care providers.

Most of the hospitals in Connecticut were using MEDTECH electronic health records software system. This made it difficult for Gaylord Healthcare to transmit records stored in its legacy system as COVID-19 patients were admitted.

Benefits of MEDITECH Expanse EHR software for patients

By leveraging the Expanse EMR software solutions patients of Gaylord Healthcare can benefit from its patient engagement solutions. An online patient portal platform will be made available for patients known as the MHealth app. The powerful patient health portal will offer the following features to patients,

  • Virtual visits can be easily requested.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Online bill payment option for the patient’s convenience.
  • Health tracker facility which will enable patients to upload data from different medical devices to manage chronic conditions effectively.
  • Quick and easy access to lab reports and medical records.

Moving ahead

Meditech EHR software is ready to go live after an 18-month implementation period, which will benefit both healthcare providers at Gaylord Healthcare and the patients. The software technology is set to streamline the referral process reducing clinical documentation time for staff members which can boost efficiency levels at the hospital. Meditech software is gaining immense popularity over the past few years. According to the 2022 KLAS market share report, Meditech Expanse EHR Software comes second right after Epic in net growth acute care hospital market share.