If you’re a podiatrist and want to be a step ahead in your practice then you need an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution designed to meet the unique needs that can support your podiatric practice. A podiatry EMR software system helps podiatrists to track and organize patient information that is related to the lower leg, foot, and ankle.

A software solution that is scalable

Podiatry EMR software solution is useful for all practice set-up sizes from small to large. The software technology is scalable and every practice size benefits from the automation of vital functions such as scheduling and billing which helps to speed-up manual procedures and results in great efficiencies. The appointment scheduling feature in the EMR software solution especially helps large podiatry set-ups as staff members are updated about the availability of the podiatrist and avoids overbooking which can lead to physician’s burnout and also leave patients dissatisfied because of longer wait times.

Special functionalities and features of a podiatry EMR software system

If you are on a hunt to buy a podiatry EMR software then it is important for you to be well aware of the common features that must be present in a top-ranked software solution. These features are necessary to reap the complete benefits for your podiatry practice, even if one misses out you won’t be able to run your operations from a single system.

  • Podiatry workflow management – It is important that the workflows meet the unique needs of your practice and improve the overall patient experience. The robust software system can be used to capture and transfer patient-related information.
  • In-built podiatry specific templates – Podiatry specific templates include; ingrown nail, orthotics, ankle sprain, gout, foot fracture, and many more.
  • Foot diagrams – Detailed foot diagrams in the EMR software system helps podiatrists to document problems graphically and exhibit to the patient more clearly. Images such as plantar, medial, and dorsal are available in the software.
  • Coding assistance – The CPT and ICD- 10 coding in the podiatry EMR software helps in claim scrubbing, reducing chances of manual errors, and improving profit margins.

Benefits to your podiatry practice

There are many advantages to implementing a podiatry EMR software system for your practice. With the help of the software solution, the entire clinical processes are automated this includes patient registration, appointment scheduling, and billing. Process automation helps to pace up processes making daily workflows more efficient.

A podiatry EMR software solution can be used to document and records all patient details and notes in a single platform. This helps users to retrieve information at any time when required. Practitioners can also use the software system to make patients go through a questionnaire before their treatment this helps podiatrists to provide patient-centered care.

The electronic medical records (EMR) software solution has the facility of the patient portal as well in which patients can fill their medical information and stay in contact with their provider round the clock. This functionality keeps patients satisfied and makes them feel an important part of their treatment process.

Finding the right EMR Software for your podiatry practice

The right podiatry EMR software needs to have the functionalities mentioned above in the article. You need to also consider the practicality which includes the budget you have. It is important the software solution offers value for money and ease of use to its users. Here are some good podiatry EMR software options you can look up to support your decision-making process.

  1. CareCloud EHR Software
  2. PrognoCIS EHR Software
  3. AdvancedMD EMR Software
  4. athenahealth EMR Software