Oncology Nurse Navigation helps overcome any healthcare barriers through specialized clinical knowledge-base to help patients and families. The Oncology Nurse Navigator EMR Software aids informed decision making by providing resources and education material.  The navigation model works to enhance patient care and quality of health by responding without any delay.

Oncology Nurse Navigator helps in the end to end phases of cancer care from prevention to survivorship. The many objectives and aims of the Nurse Navigator EMR Software is to –

  • Educate patients and family members about cancer prevention methods and provides information about cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Remove any barriers that may occur in the complete cancer phase by providing an assessment of needs.
  • It is very critical for caregivers to access timely support services, screenings, tests and treatment procedures which will include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery and maintenance therapy.
  • A cancer patient needs care and emotional support to fight against this deadly disease. It helps improve moral support and the patient is able to have a positive outlook.

The nurse navigator Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software helps to track all patient interactions and encounters in the Patient’s record.  Activities that are monitored in the software include.

  • Patient notes
  • Phone calls made to the clinician
  • Phone calls made to a patient
  • Hospital stopovers

A report can be devised through the software once the data is entered. The report is about navigator activities at a specific period of time, comprising details about how long the activity lasted and the type of activities that were completed. These reports are extremely helpful as they track details about patients’ treatment, this data is valuable and may help in diagnosis. Oncology centers, hospitals, and practices use these navigator activity reports to comprehend how nurse navigators are managing and spending their time.

All-purpose EMR Software systems lack the ability of navigation specific details. Medical healthcare IT industry has evolved tremendously over the years by addressing all financial, clinical, administrative and emotional challenges which come with the complex practice of oncology.