The yearly Surescripts ePrescribing award recognizes and celebrates Electronic Health Records software vendors and health systems for their investments and efforts in ePrescribing. These valuable investments help to improve patient safety and alleviate physician burden.

The US health IT vendor, Surescripts announced athenahealth EHR Software and Epic EMR Software as the winners for its White Cost Award. This award is to acknowledge healthcare leaders and IT vendors that have leveraged the best ePrescribing (e-Rx) practices to boost patient safety and hence enhance patient outcome levels.

The Benefits of ePrescribing

The powerful features of ePrescribing EMR Software have offered many benefits in the healthcare industry.

  • Help physicians easily prescribe controlled substances.
  • Monitor control substance prescriptions.
  • Reduce any prescription drug errors.
  • Automatic alerts of duplicate therapies and allergies.

2021Surescripts White Coat Award Leaders

The following three categories received the White Coat Award, to increase patient safety and help patients get the best care possible.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Vendors – Including athenahealth, NextGen Healthcare, and SriptSure DAW Systems, Inc.
  • Health Systems – John Hopkins Medicine, Basset Healthcare Network, Lexington Medical Center, and MidMichigan Health.
  • Mail-order pharmacies and pharmacy technology vendors – Epic, Humana Pharmacy, Walmart, and NowRx Pharmacy.

2021 Surescripts Award allots Winners in Three groups

  1. The Highest Accuracy Award – Which identifies the overall accuracy score based on the measurements by Surescripts Sentinel.
  2. The Structured and Codified Sig Champion Award – Highlights healthcare organizations that make the optimum use of the codified sig field to streamline prescribing which ultimately helps to reduce errors elevating patient safety.
  3. The RxChange Champion Award – Recognizes organizations that leverage the RxChange transaction which facilitates seamless communication between pharmacies and prescribers.

How ePrescribing reduces Physician Burnout

The award is given based on data which is provided by Surescripts Sentinel. This is an automated system that accurately monitors and observes ePrescriptions. By using ePrescribing tools providers can reduce physician burnout which can lead to high-quality care for patients as the doctor is efficient to focus on the patient care and treatment journey. Burnout is related to traditional data exchange procedures such as fax machines. This system is ineffective and inefficient which may result in clinician burnout. The faxing process can also have a negative impact on patient experience and satisfaction as timely care access can be hindered. When faxed patient data is received by the healthcare provider it usually stays in the fax machine for a couple of hours before it’s entered into the EHR Software and then transferred to the right person.