Virtual care started to become the backbone of healthcare services all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine EMR Software made it possible to extend care and offer safe diagnosis and treatment via convenient video calls. Even after the pandemic hospitals, and healthcare organizations continue to offer telehealth solutions to their patients because it is a quick way to offer care for non-urgent issues and saves time for both the provider and the patients.

Benefits of Utilizing Telehealth Software Solutions

Telehealth platforms have many advantages that improve patient and provider accessibility, convenience, and efficiency in healthcare. Among the principal benefits are:

  • Increased Accessibility
  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Facilitates Continuity of Care
  • Improved Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Boosts Patient Engagement
  • Reduced Patient Wait Times
  • Easier Access to Preventive Care

WellSpan Health used the Epic-Based Telemedicine Software Platform

WellSpan Health located in Pennsylvania was able to expand care accessibility by leveraging Epic EMR Software’s virtual care solutions. The health system went live with the Epic software system platform in 2017. Physicians at WellSpan Health immediately recognized the enhanced interoperability and data exchange environment which led to care coordination.

The Epic Telehealth Software Platform

Once the Epic EMR Software telehealth system is tapped, a provider who is seeing the patient for the first time still has seamless access to all their medical records which can be used to conform medication lists and see the health history. This way the clinician doesn’t have to ask the patient as the information is readily available to offer diagnosis and treatment.

Benefits of KeyCare – Epic-Based Virtual Care Solution for WellSpan Health

To improve access, quality, and cost of care WellSpan Health has deployed KeyCare’s Epic-Based telehealth platform.

The following benefits were realized by WellSpan with the KeyCare Telehealth platform:

Smooth and Seamless Access

Patients at WellSpan can now access KeyCare’s virtual care network through their health system’s MyChart patient portal or contact centers, providing them with an interoperability experience unlike any other.

Integrated Care

The KeyCare telehealth platform enables virtual care providers to easily view a patient’s Epic-based records. This helps to support care delivery and offer clinically integrated care to offer exceptional care.

Optimized Capacity

The KeyCare telehealth software platform can free up critical time for the WellSpan Health care team to focus on higher-value, more complex care, maximizing care capacity while giving patients immediate access to high-quality virtual care.

The Future of Telehealth Software

Telehealth Software solutions will continue to dominate the healthcare sector beyond 2023. According to a a report from the AAMC, there will be an alarming shortage of physicians in the next ten years due to burnout and clinical retirement.

The use of virtual care solutions will meet the increased demand in patient care and help curb the issue of burnout by offering convenience and flexibility to providers.