Accountable Care Organization (ACO) clients leveraging athenahealth’s population health solution performed better than the industry average. ACOs were able to generate an aggregate of $233 million in savings in the 2021 Medicare Shared Savings Program, as revealed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Power of athenahealth’s population health solutions

The robust population health tools offered by athenahealth EHR software have helped organizations coordinate care and provide the right care at the right time for maximum benefits. Population health management solutions help organizations and medical practices to collect and analyze data related to segments of the patient population and manage particular diseases.

Population health management solutions play a vital role in uncovering care gaps and filling them. It benefits healthcare organizations by enhancing health outcome levels, coordinating care, and optimizing productivity and revenue.

The positive impact of using population health solutions for athenahealth ACO customers

Accountable Care Organizations using population health tools by athenahealth EHR Software outclassed the average in terms of important metrics such as average performance score and, per beneficiary generated savings.

  • The athenahealth ACO customers accomplished an average quality score of 90.9% in 2021 compared to the national average of 89.9%.
  • Also, in 2021 ACOs using athenahealth’s population health solutions were able to generate savings of $691 per beneficiary, in contrast to the industry average of $359.9.
  • 85% of athenahealth ACO customers made MSSP payments, compared to 58% across the industry.

These results reflect the power of athenahealth population health solutions which has facilitated ACOs to deliver high-quality care improving patient outcome levels. The population health tools provide a window of opportunity for ACOs to manage risk effectively and provide value-based care to patients.

Features offered by athenahealth’s population health tools

  • All data is available in one place to manage the population.
  • A powerful dashboard is available and reporting tools reveal vital insights.
  • Evidence-based content is available to help care managers identify any gaps in care.
  • The powerful mobile app keeps patients and care teams informed and on the same page.
  • In-house experts of athenahealth can help optimize patient outreach.
  • The intuitive care management tools support smooth care coordination and inform team members of high-risk patients so a proactive care approach can be initiated.