The Health IT Certification Program is a certification program by the Office of National Coordinator (ONC). Back in 2010, a total of 6 companies were chosen to test and provide certification for Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, also known as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.

The  ONC-ATCBs (ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies) determine if the EHR Software in use meets the requirements to support MU (Meaningful Use) as established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The purpose of ONC-ATCB certified EHR software is to assure users that the EHR software that they are adopting is equipped with technological capabilities, functionalities and all the security requirements that meet the criteria of MU. It also makes sure that the EMR Software System is able to retrieve and transfer patients’ data securely to other EHR systems.

More than 500 healthcare service providers have received ONC-ATCB Certification. In addition to that, they also meet the EMR Software Meaningful Use (MU) requirements. This number is likely to rise in the coming years as more and more healthcare software companies will apply for the certification.

ONC Certified Testing Bodies

  1.  The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), Chicago
  2.  Drummond Group, Texas
  3.  ICSA Labs, Pennsylvania
  4.  InfoGard Laboratories, California
  5.  SLI Global Solutions, Colorado
  6.  Surescripts, Virginia

TOP 5 ONC-ATCB Certified EHR Software by EMRFinder

EMRFinder values its customers and goes every step in making sure that they purchase the EMR Software best for them. For this very purpose, we have compiled a list of the 5 best and top-rated ONC-ATCB Certified EMR & EHR software solutions for physician practices in 2019. The list is exclusively based on customer reviews and ratings and smartly conducted market research. The list goes as follows:

athenahealth EMR Software

athenahealth EHR Software is one of the largest Electronic Health Records (EHR) Solution companies in the US. The Massachusetts based company provides Cloud-based EMR Software, Practice Management (PM) & Medical Billing software. athenahealth EMR Software is ONC-ATCB Certified.

AdvancedMD EMR Software

AdvancedMD Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software is a cloud-based EMR/EHR and Medical Practice Management Software solutions provider certified by the ONC testing and other certification bodies. The most important features it provides include Practice Management (PM), Medical Billing, Patient Scheduling, etc.

Kareo Clinical EHR Software

Kareo electronic health records software (EHR Software) is a web-based Health IT solution offering Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) services. It is also certified by the ONC-ATCB and other testing bodies for Meaningful Use (MU).

drchrono EMR Software

drchrono Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is a reliable ONC-ATCB certified medical platform for practices around the world, which offers contemporary technological solutions related to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, Practice Management (PM) software and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to practices of all sizes.

Carecloud EMR Software

CareCloud EMR Software is a cloud-based integrated Electronic Health Records Software (EHR software) that provides Patient Management software (PM) and Medical Billing Software services to practices and has certification from ONC testing and certification bodies.

We hope this list helps you in selecting and purchasing the best Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Practice Management (PM) Software for your healthcare medical practice.