To meet the clinical and operational requirements of women’s health and urgent care, athenahealth EMR Software has launched specialty EHR software solutions. The dedicated and customized Electronic Medical Records Software is set to offer features and tools to support the workflows of urgent care and women’s health practitioners.

Serving specialty-practices’ needs has been one of the prime priorities of athenahealth software. The comprehensive and industry-leading athenaOne platform will empower urgent care practices to deliver high-quality patient care.

Specialty-Specific EHR Software for Women’s Health

AthenaOne Software will offer specialty-specific features for OB/GYN practices such as:

  • Comprehensive obstetric history tracking
  • Exam templates tailored for women’s health
  • Prenatal care documentation
  • Seamless integration of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software with imaging machines such as ultrasound
  • Patient education material
  • Reporting requirements specific to women’s health
  • Integration with labs and pharmacies for workflow efficiency

Specialty-Specific EMR Software for Urgent Care

The tools required for an urgent care facility differ greatly from those of women’s health or any medical specialty. The athenaOne specialty-specific software keeps in mind the speed and accuracy that is the foundation of urgent care practices.

The following specialty-specific capabilities will be offered by athenahealth EHR Software to handle patient volumes efficiently and boost patient care:

  • Swift patient intake process
  • Simplified documentation and charting
  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
  • Smooth integration with primary care hospitals
  • Urgent-Care-specific billing
  • Tailored Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient engagement solutions

Moving Ahead

The business model for both women’s health and urgent care is very different and that’s why athenaOne powered for these two specialties will serve the diverse needs like never before. The EMR Software vendor will also provide specialty-specific onboarding and customer success managers. The dedicated and trained personnel will ensure healthy and dedicated partnerships for the success of the specialty practices and meet their financial goals. In the upcoming months, athenahealth EHR Software will introduce specialty-specific software tools for behavioral health. These systems can improve patient care, expedite workflows, and guarantee regulatory compliance. Making them useful resources for clinicians working in these medical disciplines and empowering them to offer exceptional patient care.