Free EMR software and open-source EMR software systems have undoubtedly had a positive impact on the the Electronic Health Records software (EHR software) industry. However, because for most the term “free electronic medical records” is usually a sign to throw caution to the wind, a question always arises: If a Free EMR Software really free?

Yes, it is true that Free EMR systems are limited as compared to their paid versions but conversing with practitioners made us understand that new, fairly small medical practices and, solo practitioners as a cost-effective solution often opt for Free Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. The free Electronic Health Records (EHR) system generally has other revenue streams than directly charging the user.

EMRFinder has consolidated a list of top 5 free Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software which provides solutions to small practices.

75Health EHR Software

75Health EHR Software is a free, cloud-based solution that helps medical practices and digital records management. Its functionalities include e-prescribing, charting, clinical decision support, built-in scheduler, drug list management, appointment scheduling, automatic alerts, patient reminders, and the appointment scheduler.

OneTouch EMR Software

OneTouch Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is a cloud-based  EMR software and Practice Management (PM) software solution provider. The software features Medical Billing application, Electronic Patient Records, Lab integration, Document Management, Medical Voice Dictation, Appointment Remainders via text and emails and E-Prescription.

Open Dental EMR Software

Open dental Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software is an open-source Practice Management (PM) Software designed for the dental industry suitable for small as well as large-sized practices. The software features e-Prescribing (e-Rx),templates, special-purpose reports, one-click download summary of healthcare data, color-coded appointment calendar, customizable interface according to the practice’s need.

OpenMRS Software

OpenMRS is located in the United States and offers free of cost Electronic Medical Records Solutions to healthcare nonprofits and universities. The EMR platform offers features of appointment scheduling, charting and a self-service portal. Voice recognition and e-Prescribing (e-Rx) solutions are not provided.

vxVistA EMR SOftware

VistA EMR Software by PDS is a mobile android and IOS native. The features provided by the EMR Software supports small to large customers. It aids performance management, employee profiles, payroll management, and benefits management.

Free EMR Software packages and systems can be good but they may not provide complete functionalities for your practice and may require a certain price to unlock and use key features.