A Family Medicine EMR Software is a specialty-specific Electronic Medical Records solution designed to meet the needs of a family physician. Family medicine is complex because it includes clinical, biological and behavioral sciences covering every age and each organ.

For a family medicine practice, the right EHR Software pick brings in profitability and helps to make patient documentation, access data, prescriptions and charting easier and efficient.  For a small practice, it is necessary that the Family Medicine EMR System has a user-friendly interface that allows completing tasks easily.  A small practice cannot afford any errors and time-lags between communications and administrative tasks.

Top Features of Family Practice EMR Software

So if you are looking for a Family Medicine Electronic Medical Records software (EMR software) to positively increase your practice efficiency and boost revenues. The following are some features you need to look out for:

SOAP Notes & Templates – EMR software should incorporate specialty templates i.e. Health and wellness reminders, Annual physical exams, Growth chart

ICD/CPT Coding – A quality family practice-specific EMR software would offer assistance on ICD-10 and CPT coding along with billing.

Lab Interface – Since family practices tend to get multiple varying complaints the EMR software should offer the charting of multiple medical discipline complaints simultaneously and also offer seamless connectivity with labs and pharmacies.

Medical History – The EMR software should make documentation storage and the establishment of a family history (of genetic predisposition, diseases, etc.) easier. This further allows for all patient data to be stored on one platform

Equipment Integration – EMR Software should be able to easily integrate with the medical diagnostic equipment and should automatically receive results from diagnostic equipment.

Referral Integration – EHR software should have HIPAA compliant secured messaging capabilities that allow all patient data to be sent to the authorized parties discreetly.

Patient Portal – A patient portal that brings patients closer to doctors through direct and discreet messaging and allows them to schedule their appointments from home.

Top 5 Family Medicine EMR Software by EMRFinder

The professionals at EMRFinder have researched the top 5 Family Medicine Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for small practices. This will save your time in the selection process and aid in making the best decision for your practice which will yield revenue and maximize workflow efficiencies.

Practice Fusion EMR Software

Practice Fusion EMR Software provides a complete integrated suite of EMR and Practice Management (PM) solutions for family physicians. Fully customizable encounter notes and simplified charting tools allow clinicians to focus on the patient. Moreover, it has the number one e-Prescribing system and a patient portal.

Nextgen EMR Software

Nextgen EMR Software is easy to use. It has rich features like family appointment reminders, document patient encounters during the visit and automated lab results and payment options can be sent easily.

CureMD EMR Software

CureMD EMR Software offers an array of features that supports the family practice. It has robust functionalities like Referral Management, e-Prescription, Document imaging, Lab Interfacing, and KPI Dashboards.

drchrono EMR  Software

dchrono EMR  Software provides all-inclusive EHR and medical billing solutions for family practice physicians. It has features like e-Prescribing (e-Rx), lab integration, patient portal, online scheduling, and Revenue Cycle Management

Care Cloud EMR Software

Care Cloud EMR Software platform helps family medicine doctors by making it possible to access patient data on medications, history and order results. Automated billing procedures help to improve claims collection and reduce average revenue days. Furthermore intuitive Practice Management capabilities reduce data entry to improve administrative workflows.