You have purchased an EMR system, now what? The big question is do you really know how to maximize the full potential of your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software?

EMRFinder reveals 5 amazing tips and tricks to make the most out of your EHR and Practice Management software purchase.

As a medical practice owner, you want utility and value for your EMR system investment. The following 5 amazing EMR software hacks should be useful:

Initial Training

Initial EMR software training is critical for successful implementation and maximum output. EHR software trainers may be dealing with many clients and may not personalize the training to match your expectations. Therefore, being attentive and responsive during your Electronic Health Records software training will ensure that you know enough about the EHR system to be up to speed at go-live and ensure no loss of time and money.

Continued Learning

Like any software and/or computer program, an EMR system was designed for a mass user-base and may not fit the needs of every healthcare provider, so continued learning and focus on finding shortcuts to perform different functions will improve your usage of the EMR system. You may not be using all the features, but every feature in your Electronic Medical Records software was designed with a purpose, so try to learn how to use it effectively and some features may be more beneficial than you think.

Active Patient Engagement

For healthcare providers looking to maximize the usage of their EHR Software and grow their business, a Patient Portal can often become a marketing tool for the practice. Aside from keeping existing patients engaged with periodic messages and useful education to manage their healthcare condition better, a Patient Portal can also help interact with new patients. Integrating the Patient Portal with your website can help new patients register and schedule appointments online.

Focus on the patient

Using the EMR system effectively especially in the beginning can often distract you during patient encounters. This is most important when starting to use the EHR program, as you may not be as quick with your notes on the EMR solution. Therefore, it is best to keep your focus on the patient and even think of the EMR as a distraction until the patient has left the exam room. This helps ensure patient satisfaction and accuracy of the clinical documentation. You should eventually be able to take advantage of the EMR system and even share pertinent education, diagnostic data and/or images with the patient for a more interactive session.

One EMR, One Practice Management

It is essential to find an EMR software that has integrated Practice Management, so your practice data and staff are all on the same page at all times. The importance of using a singular EHR software and Practice Management program is paramount because it provides real-time evaluation and reporting of the practice performance. It is also easier staff training and assigning of tasks.

These are just some of the many tricks and tips that can help you realize the full potential of your Electronic Health Records software solution.