Therapy Software” is the term often used for a “Mental Health Software”. But technically they are not interchangeable. Mental health software is suitable for large practices and hospitals while therapy software is beneficial and designed specifically for solo practitioners and private practices.

But both of these software cater to the unique requirements of a Mental Health Practice by assisting with the clinical, administrative and financial functions of mental health practice by offering highly integrated Practice Management, Patient Portal, e-Prescribing, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Practice Analytics.

Mental health treatment involves copious note-taking and observation. Mental Health Software provides digitalizing of notes, with automated system coding ensuring the best medication and prescription tools.

Features of Mental & Behavioral Health EMR Software

Before choosing a Mental & Behavioral Health EHR Software, we should check if the software has the following key features:

Specific Templates Mental Health Software customizable templates should assist in SOAP note-taking during daily consultations.

GAF Charts – Mental Health Software should be able to chart a graphical depiction of ongoing progress; rating the social, occupational and psychological functioning of a patient through Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF).

ICD/CPT Coding – Mental health Software should offer specific specialty and updated CPT and ICD-10 codes relating to mental health, making billing accurate and fast.

Workflow Management – Mental and Behavioral Health EHR software should be able to manage, document and maintain the workflows through clinical decision support.

Advanced Note-Taking – Mental and Behavioral Health EHR software should enhance notes taking and storing functionality. Through interoperability, mobile apps and hands-free notes taking.

Referrals & Secure Messaging – Mental and Behavioral Health EHR software should support HIPAA Compliant discreet sharing of patient files for referrals.

e-Prescribing (e-Rx) – Mental and Behavioral Health EHR software should automate prescription processing and renewals.

Top 10 Mental & Behavioral Health Software by EMRFinder

There are so many Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software available in the market that it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your Mental Health Practice. Here are our budgeted top picks for your practice.

Affordable Mental and Behavioral Health EMR and PM software can only be beneficial if you really look at your practice’s workflow to determine the administrative aspects of the EHR and also consult your provider to ensure that the software you are choosing only provides features that you need.