Seamless data sharing is important to maintain patient safety. According to a study published in the Frontiers in Digital Health, it takes almost a week or even more for dentists to receive EHR data for a patient. Patient safety is important in every care setting, including dental care. When dental practitioners have updated patient information they are in a better position to enhance the success of dental treatment or procedure and safe medications can be prescribed.

The significance of accurate medical records

Dental practitioners need to check a list of medical considerations for their patients. For example, the dentist needs to know that any medication prescribed should not put the patient at risk of extreme bleeding during a tooth extraction. When the dental care provider has accurate and complete health information about a patient then safe and effective treatment can be offered.

To access patients’ EHR data quickly health information exchange (HIE) can be leveraged. Dentists cannot wait to make an informed decision as this can impact patient outcome levels. When timely medical information is not received then the dental procedure or treatment can be postponed which means the patient needs to wait while in pain.

Adopting a dental EMR Software

Digitization in healthcare is pacing up as it has helped organizations achieve clinical and financial success. To enhance patient safety and assure that patients receive high-quality care consistently it makes sense to deploy a Dentistry EMR Software solution. By leveraging a dental software system providers can have updated information in real-time. The easy access to health records round the clock supports the decision-making process.

Dental practices can also benefit from improved efficiencies and productivity levels due to the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. EHR Software system lets the staff know about complete information even before the patient shows up at the clinic. Staff members can check insurance eligibility and have access to medical history.

Moving ahead

First-hand plans will be designed and new health IT solutions will be tested that are useful for dental practices to seamlessly connect to community  HIEs for patient data access. The partnership in Colorado will see how adding dentists to the state’s HIE can support patient-centered care.