Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software enhances patient experience and allows doctors to focus on their practice through features of Practice Management (PM), Patient Portals and e-Prescribing (e-Rx). EMR Software systems can be specialty-specific specifically designed for a particular medical practice.

OncoEMR and ARIA are both oncology-specific Electronic Medical Records solutions providing customized templates built for the community oncology practice. It can be a difficult process to compare and make the perfect selection for your oncology practice. To make your decision process easier and expand your knowledge about Oncology EMR Software the EMRFinder through extensive research and analytics have performed an unbiased comparison of the two best Oncology specific Electronic Medical Records Software systems of 2019.

OncoEMR Software

Flatiron’s Health OncoEMR is Top-Rated for Overall Satisfaction by KLAS 2019 Medical Oncology Report. The company aims to provide oncologists with rich integrated features that help to minimize time and as a result focus on the patient. Features like Document Search and Oncology-specific workflows enhance day to day efficiencies.

ARIA® Oncology Information System

ARIA OIS for Medical Oncology provides an all-inclusive solution from the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up process. The latest security and protection features and enhancements of ARIA v15 protects sensitive patient data and fight any data breaches. ARIA EMR Software provides unique tools like real-time tracking, Motion Management, and Cloud-based Apps to enhance clinical workflows.

Functionality Comparison

ARIA Oncology Information System and OncoEMR both are an oncology-specific EHR suite.  In relation to features, there is great resemblance such as the patient portal, integrated medical billing services management, and appointment scheduling and document management.

A difference has been noted when it comes to ease of usage. Some users have reported that the complexity of ARIA Electronic Health Records doesn’t make the software extremely user-friendly and hampers to reduce clinical workflows.

EMR Software Pricing Comparison

Implementation costs of Electronic Medical Records Software accumulate subscription fees which can be annual or monthly, any software training costs and maintenance and update costs.

The pricing information of both OncoEMR and ARIA cannot be revealed publicly due to a private policy. A quote can, however, be generated on request. The pricing does not vary and is quite similar for both the oncology-specific EMR Software systems.

The pricing info of both ARIA and OncoEMR Software can not be listed publicly but a quote can be generated on request. 

The overall comparison is summarised in the table below:


ARIA® Oncology Information System Varian OncoEMR software Oncology EMR Software flatiron EMR Software

User Rating on EMRFinder

ARIA® Oncology Information System Rating

OncoEMR Software Software Rating

User Satisfaction




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