Physicians operate in a stressful environment which leads to immense physician burnout. The athenaOne mobile app solution makes things easier for doctors and medical professionals by giving them access to patient data from anywhere and at any time which helps them to improve patient outcome levels and enhance the quality of care. Dr. Steven Gershon, medical director at Gershon Pain Specialists uses athenaOne to record patient history with minimum errors and provides better access to drug information which automatically helps him to make better decisions.

Through athenaOne healthcare providers can quickly access their daily schedules and promptly manage their clinical inbox. The secure app lets healthcare providers prepare for upcoming visits ahead of time which makes them deliver better care. The app has voice recognition features that help to accelerate charting and improve overall efficiencies. Doctors don’t have to spend a lot of time typing out which results in a decrease in physician burnout. The app shows the complete appointment schedule of a healthcare provider on a single screen showing current appointment time and details following the next appointment time. This helps to reduce clicking and changing screens and shows the daily schedule of the doctor. Accessing your complete day has never been this easy, but with the athenaOne app you can easily view who’s ready and the reason for the visit. Healthcare providers can review clinical documents, orders, and more in their inbox. The athenaOne app enables practitioners to document or prepare for visits with customizable patient charts that are available.

Doctors Review the Robust Medical app and give a 5-star rating for the Year 2020

athenaOne EMR Mobile App Reviews 2020

The best mobile EMR

This has replaced my dictation software and my need for a large electronic device like a laptop. I can chart prep from anywhere at any time. Thanks, Athena. (Dr. Moulton)

Very helpful with after-hours calls

This app makes it easy to document after-hours calls, call in a prescription, and set the practice up to follow up once the office reopens. (Healthcare Provider)

Great App!

This has been an awesome mobile app to use when a computer is not available. Love this new technology! (General Physician)

Wrapping it up

athenaOne is the mobile app of the future loaded with powerful and practical tools to make workflows efficient and let the doctor practice on the go. If you haven’t downloaded the app as yet it’s about time you leap with having all the decision support in the palm of your hand.