Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software training programs are vital during the implementation process as they help staff members and clinicians use it to their maximum advantage. The EHR software training program ensures that team members can use software features to enhance practice efficiency and provide patients with high-quality care.

Mayo Clinic EMR software training program

According to a study published in JAMIA, an EHR software training program by Mayo Clinic has resulted in higher user confidence levels in the EMR software post-implementation.

The EHR software training program was designed to repeat productivity and efficiency tips, and best-of-the-breed configurations across multiple specialties. Also, the peer instructors made sure to explain the importance of every click on the software system. These clicks included reporting, clinician decision support, and regulatory and administrative.

Survey data was used by researchers to examine, direct and long-term perceptions related to program satisfaction and self-assessed skills with the Electronic Health Records (EHR) software system.

The survey results

The survey results revealed the following insights,

  • Self-assurance in skills was raised by 13.5% for general EMR software usage.
  • The confidence level stayed unchanged after six months.

Navigating the EHR software system with confidence through training can ensure that staff members don’t feel frustrated in using the system and also can make use of time-saving features to enhance efficiency levels. This can also help practices reduce the chances of costly and lethal errors in documentation.

The advantages of quality EHR Software training

Through quality software training both clinicians and hospital management can improve the practice efficiency levels by using the EMR software at its complete potential. For example, the Electronic Health Records (EHR) software can be used to send automatic appointment reminders to patients to combat the issue of no-shows and also streamline the billing tasks to improve accuracy.

The adequate EMR software training also ensures that documentation errors are reduced to make way for documentation and coding precision. This also helps to enhance patient safety levels as the correct information is entered by the physician. The training program also teaches healthcare providers to write error-free and quick notes. This also helps to keep physician burnout at bay.

Clinicians at Mayo Clinic can now deliver high-quality care through the EHR Software technology and feel satisfied with using the software system. When providers know how to use the software system they are less likely to get frustrated and increase productivity by centralizing patient data.