During the global pandemic, providers were finding out ways to offer remote care opportunities to patients. Telemedicine EMR Software adoption rates accelerated in the US because of its convenience, affordability, and accessibility.  Telehealth came to the forefront to deliver healthcare services to patients from the comfort of their homes.

The post-pandemic future of telemedicine software seems promising as it is a flexible solution and patients want their clinician to offer this robust solution. Telemedicine has grown rapidly as both patients and providers realize its benefits.

What is a telemedicine EMR Software solution?

Telemedicine software uses telecommunications technology to offer remote diagnosis and treatment to patients using video conferencing. The provider and patient can interact efficiently with each other and can enhance the patient health status.  Primary care providers, pediatricians, mental healthcare providers, radiologists, and pathologists are using the telemedicine platform to interact with patients.

Features present in a good telemedicine software

The following are the key functionalities that should be found in a telemedicine software solution. These must-have features contribute to better patient care and enhanced patient engagement.

  • Interactive audio and video conferencing.
  • Clinical documentation generation.
  • HIPAA Compliant platform for maximum security of patient data that is exchanged.
  • Online patient scheduling.
  • Patient history management.
  • Reminders and alerts for upcoming patient appointments.
  • Intuitive interface.

4 Trends driving the future of telemedicine

As healthcare organizations continue to embrace the telehealth platform, it is wise to know the trends that are contributing to a bright future for telemedicine EMR software.

  1. Increased focus on mental health – Therapists and mental healthcare providers are using the telemedicine platform to engage with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, BPD, and other mental disorders. To offer seamless and continued treatment to patients’ therapists are using video conferencing to support patients suffering from mental health issues. Telepsychiatry also increases access to therapists and ensures that patients can be treated promptly.
  2. A boom in patient demand – One of the major reasons for telemedicine software growth is due to increased and consistent demand from patients. They see the telehealth platform as a convenient way to access care from their homes. Even patients residing in the outskirts can seek remote care services through video conferencing facilities on their smartphones. The demand is continuing to rise which has put pressure on software vendors to make the platform user-friendly to offer an improved patient experience.
  3. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) – Telemedicine EMR software solution is crucial for patients that have chronic health conditions. Remote patient monitoring tools and wearable technology enable clinicians to get real-time data related to a patient’s BP, glucose levels, pulse rate, and heart rate this supports informed clinical decision making.
  4. Increased patient use – Telehealth was initially leveraged by hospitals to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Telemedicine technology was seen beyond that by patients and hence there was an increase in patient utilization. Telemedicine is used to refill medication, review test results, and receive healthcare education. Shortly, insurance companies and healthcare providers will collaborate to extend remote services through telemedicine software.

research article by Health Affairs published in 2017 revealed that the average telemedicine session was $79 as compared to doctor office visits that cost $146. The affordability of the platform makes it a cheaper alternative which makes it an attractive option to receive care. Telemedicine has become one of the main solutions offered by healthcare providers and hospitals in the US as people want convenience and see the platform as effective as in-person visits. Telemedicine EMR Software has a lot of potential which is evident.