Many health systems and organizations have given a kick-start to a better and more profitable healthcare facility with the eClinicalWorks EHR Software system designed for ambulatory practices, specialists, health centers, and urgent care facilities. The EMR vendor offers the power of cloud computing technology and a set of robust features such as telehealth, population health, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management to drive innovation.

In this blog, we will look at how two practices utilized eClinicalWorks EHR Software just recently to make way for operational efficiency and streamline administrative processes. The right Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software solution can help healthcare organizations offer high-quality patient care, simplify processes, and boost patient engagement and satisfaction scores.

Valley ENT Improves Patient Engagement with eClinicalWorks Software and healow Solutions

The 70-provider health practice, Valley ENT, PC serves thousands of patients across 20 locations in the Phoenix metro, Tucson, and Southern and Northern Arizona. The multispecialty practice has implemented cloud-based EHR Software solutions from eClinicalWorks EMR Software.

The unified software system will enable Valley ENT to streamline different patient services and needs including, appointment scheduling, payment options, check-in process, etc. The online appointment scheduling software from the eClinicalWorks system, the Open Access platform will allow patients to schedule appointments in a breeze. Patients are empowered to self-schedule on their smartphones which has enabled the practice to fulfill more than 600 monthly requests. The check-in process is automated and streamlined making it possible to see their practitioner faster and hence improving overall patient experience.

By utilizing the healow Payment Services, patients can easily pay via the patient portal platform, or through easy text messages. By giving different options for patient payments Valley ENT received payments swiftly thus improving the revenue stream.

Robbins Dermatology Boosts Revenue Cycle Processes by eClinicalWorks EMR System

Robbins Dermatology located in Sheridan, Wyoming has collaborated with health IT vendor eClinicalWorks Software which has enabled the practice to streamline payment collections and revenue cycle processes.

Before using healow Payment Services, it took a long time for the practice to receive payments from patients. This was putting a strain on the financial health of Robbins Dermatology. With healow Payment Services and eClinicalWorks Software System, the practice was able to automate patient communications and send automatic payment reminders. Moreover, patients used the intuitive patient portal platform for secured and streamlined digital billing choices.

Benefits of Implementing healow Payment Services from eClinicalWorks EHR Software

  • The healow Check-In facility assists patients to easily pay during the check-in process.
  • The healow app and eClinicalWorks Patient Portal platform make way for simple electronic billing.
  • RPA is used to automatically post payments to the relevant accounts and boost overall process efficiency.
  • The payment collection process is streamlined and accounts receivable days are reduced.