One of the biggest health IT vendors, Cerner corporation is collaborating with Elligo Health Research to support clinical trials through Learning Health Network (LHN) for early cancer detection. The main aim of this valuable partnership is to detect cancer at earlier stages which can improve survival chances in patients as treatment can be started at the stage where cancer can be stopped from spreading quickly inside the body.

How will this partnership help patients?

Early detection of cancer is vital to reducing mortality rates and improving survival chances. Together, Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software and Elligo Health Research will be leveraging a research-activated network of health systems, real-world data, and multiomics technology produced by Freenome – To provide an opportunity for early cancer detection. As a result, patients can receive early cancer treatment with a greater chance of winning over the deadly disease.

The value of clinical studies

Freenomes, multiomics technology uses the power of machine learning to identify cancer cells at the earliest stage. The fruitful collaboration is a concrete step in generating real-world data making clinical studies available for researchers and healthcare professionals which saves more lives. Quicker clinical studies result in faster speed to the market, which makes way for patients to receive the medication and technology without any delay. Cerner corporation’s Learning Health Network and Elligo’s platform have immense capacity to boost engagement with patients for any study being conducted.

Importance of early detection of cancer

One of the most obvious benefits or importance of quick detection of cancer is that patients have a good chance of successful cancer treatment. It also helps to reduce treatment morbidity and enhance the quality of life for patients and even caregivers. Studies also revealed that early cancer detection can even reduce cancer treatment costs, nearly $26 billion every year in the US.

Future clinical trial

The partnership is the first screening trial accessible to Cerner’s promptly budding Learning Health Network (LHN). It consists of more than 85 health systems around the US that have collaborated to facilitate research and increase access to clinical trials. Real-world data (RWD) will be used for a forthcoming clinical trial to identify several forms of cancer, this uses the latest multiomics platform and is IRB approved. The multiomics technology by Freenome has both tumor and non-tumor signals with machine learning to detect cancer as earliest as possible.

Early diagnosis of cancer has the potential to enhance cancer outcome levels as treatment and care can be provided at a stage where the disease is treatable and is a crucial public health strategy.