Pediatrics is the medical care responsible for a specific age group it will require unique electronic health records software features that enable the efficient functioning of the clinical practice. Pediatric Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software is designed to have preterm, infant and child growth tracking modules and BMI charts, reporting for physical forms, track of eligibility status, HEDIS immunization compliance, medical billing, practice management, and claim management.

Features of Pediatrics EHR Software

To have a good understanding of how a Pediatrics EMR software works, it is advisable to learn about the different features and functionalities of the software solution. Before choosing a Pediatrics Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, you should check if the software has the following key features:

Templates Pediatric EMR Software specific templates eliminate repetitive note-taking, and save time during consultations.

Workflow Management  Pediatric EMR Software should be able to manage, document and maintain all the pediatrics related workflows and provide clinical decision support.

ICD/CPT Coding – Pediatric EMR Software should offer pediatric-specific coding for error-free claim submissions.

Immunization – Pediatric-Specific EMR Software should incorporate reminders of vaccinations due that are mapped out according to age and need to be conducted within certain time frames.

Growth Charts –  Pediatrics Electronic Medical Records software (EMR) should be able to track the growth chart of each child.

e-Prescribing & Tracking – Pediatric Electronic Medical Records Software (EMR) should have dosage calculators and drug interaction checking and alert systems.

Pediatrics Dashboard – Pediatrics EMR software must feature a real-time dashboard providing a clear view of patient charts, profiles, billing processes, scheduling, etc.

Well-Visits & Care – Pediatrics EMR software, for tracking of growth scheduled checkups to check any early signs of risk of any diseases that might run in the family or just general growth.

Top 10 Pediatrics EMR Software by EMRFinder

There are a lot of pediatric electronic health record software (EHR) vendors that provide the software you need. To narrow the selection down here are our top picks:

Make sure the software you’re going to purchase is certified. For pediatrics, the certification you should be looking out for is by the ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (“ONC-ATCB”). They are responsible for making sure your vendor meets Meaningful Use objectives and is HIPAA compliant.