athenahealth EHR software, one of the leading EMR Software vendor providers in the United States offered a new functionality to its iOS customers to empower them and make them feel on top of their healthcare experience. According to the new service, patients can seamlessly share their health data and information stored in the Apple Health App with their healthcare providers – This will improve communications and also help providers stay up-to-date with their patient’s daily health information. This information includes;

  • Heart rate
  • Hours of rest and sleep
  • Number of steps
  • Exercise minutes
  • Detected falls

How will the new service work?

From the Apple Health App, patients can share data with their doctor and the providers can easily view the shared data through a web-based dashboard in their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software system, in the respective patient’s chart. The data that is shared is fully encrypted and protected for maximum data privacy and safety from cybersecurity threats. A varied range of data can be transferred to the healthcare provider from health records including lab results and health data from iPhone and Apple Watch.

The interactive dashboard helps the clinician to follow daily trends and identify any changes that happen over time. The real-time data sharing facilitates the decision-making process as the doctor has a complete picture of a patient’s daily health data which can be analyzed for the best patient care.

Benefits of the new functionality

The new feature is designed to enhance and create a direct communication link between healthcare providers and patients. The new healthcare service aims to keep patients involved in their healthcare process by making patients have a complete look at their allergies, conditions, and medications directly within the Health App.

The feature is HIPAA compliant which makes it completely safe for patients to share their health data without having to worry about privacy concerns. The accessibility of data supports providers to make the best decision for their patients which ultimately improves health outcome levels.

The innovative and proactive services support the easy exchange of health data providing insights and making patient-provider interactions more fruitful. By connecting the two most important stakeholders in the healthcare sector people can lead better and healthier lives.

Moving Ahead

athenahealth is revolutionizing healthcare services for its customers to improve patient care and streamline clinical processes. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the patients mustn’t feel cornered and are provided with the right and safe platform to engage with their providers from the comfort of their homes. The new healthcare service will boost patient engagement levels and enhance the overall patient care process through simplified data sharing.