The ambulatory EMR software market has become even more competitive in 2018, with EHR Software companies outperforming each other in areas such as user experience, customer support and especially the pricing.

Epic Systems, Cerner, Mckesson, and Meditech are EMR software companies most frequently seen across hospital settings. All of these Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software giants have successfully targeted the bigger hospitals and larger practices but are yet to make a mark on the small to mid-sized physician practice market.

Small to mid-sized physician practices have a tight budget and require a simple, yet comprehensive solution to manage their clinical and administrative operations. Their requirements from an Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software platform also depends on their medical specialty and at times even their affiliation with a certain hospital or healthcare organization. Many providers simply choose to go with the same EMR software platform that they utilize at the hospital, in their independent practices as well, just to avoid the hassle and additional training.

However, as more and more independent providers look for a more personalized and “value for money” EMR software vendors, it is easy to pick the market leaders in this segment. 2018 has seen ambulatory Electronic Medical Records software vendors such as Athenahealth, Nextgen, eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, and Allscripts leap forwards with significantly improved ratings and customer feedback when compared with their counterparts in Epic, Cerner, McKesson & GE Centricity Healthcare.

Ambulatory EMR Software Pricing

This divide can be attributed mainly to the simplicity and pricing that these EMR Systems offer. Athenahealth provides a complete billing service solution along with a fully integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management Software package, while AdvancedMD offers a unique pricing model that allows physicians to avoid paying hefty sums of money to acquire an EHR software license. Allscripts acquired Practice Fusion – the free EHR company and now requires their users to pay a monthly subscription fee which can still be considered lower when compared with the competition.

The Integrated EMR and Integrated Practice Management (PM) Software market will continue to see evolution in terms of codependence and value-based pricing over the course of time, but it is not difficult to spot the clear winners of this segment in Athenahealth, AdvancedMD, Allscripts, and eClinicalWorks.

These software vendors have been the market leaders in the EMR Software industry and should be the clear choice when providers look for a new EMR or Practice Management Software for their practices in 2019.