On November 30th, 2022, athenahealth EHR Software the leading provider of network-enabled software and services for health systems  announced the launch of an advisory board to address EMR workflow challenges. This is a great step by the software vendor which can help clinicians provide their feedback and hence enhance workflows to keep users satisfied.

What is the advisory board?

The advisory board consists of 30 members including clinical IT administrators and providers to bring the clinical view in software product design and development. The board can prioritize the major pain points that are present in the workflow and address them without any delays.

The clinical advisory board is a proactive channel that will enable providers to communicate effectively. This will help the electronic health records software vendor better respond to customer needs and work on product features accordingly. The board members will also work with athenahealth’s product team to provide new ideas to be included in the software design and clinical functionality, which can help users combat workflow challenges such as clinician burnout.

Streamlining EHR workflows

Streamlining EMR workflows remains one of the main goals of the healthcare industry, as providers continue to experience high rates of provider burnout. EHR workflows can be streamlined when the documentation time in the software is reduced and there is improved curation of patient data in charts.

A recent survey conducted by athenahealth revealed that 92% of physicians experience one or more issues that can lead to burnout. The main cause of clinician burnout is excessive documentation requirements.

Efforts to reduce clinician burnout by athenahealth

Electronic Medical Records vendor, athenahealth has always been proactive in its efforts to address the issue of physician burnout. Earlier this year, athenahealth released athenaOne voice assistant powered by Nuance, a robust voice-driven application to alleviate clinician burnout and enhance the patient experience. Workflow optimization can greatly improve productivity and keep doctors satisfied at work. When clinician burnout is at bay, providers are in a better position to take care of their patients and improve health outcomes.