Smartphones, iPads, and tablets have been getting more and more common within the healthcare industry over the past few years. Physicians now prefer collecting data at the point of engagement with their mobile devices since they are easier to use and the data gets stored in a safe location. This not only makes the hassle of handling paper records go away but also helps practices meet HIPAA requirements.

A recent survey conducted by a leading Healthcare IT Company showed that out of the doctors using a smartphone or a tablet in their medical practice, more than 70% were found using an Apple device. Apple devices supporting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software include iPads, Macs, and iPhones. Although Macs are particularly popular because of their smart design and high performance.

To make our audience more aware of the functionality and design of a Mac EMR Software, here is a quick guide by EMRFinder that summarizes everything.

Native Mac-Based Apple EHR Software

An Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software designed to run specifically on the Mac Operating System (macOS) is known as a Native Mac-Based EMR Software. Such an EMR System is optimized for the hardware, software, and the user interface of the Macintosh computers. Everything from the look and feel to the features and functionality looks consistent with the native interface of your Mac and everything blends in perfectly.

Web-Based EHR Software

Another option when you’re on your Mac for an EHR/EMR or Practice Management (PM) Software is a Web-Based Software. Such software runs independently on Mac devices and can prove to be a good long-term investment for some clinics. Web-based software systems are also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud-Based as they are hosted over the internet instead of being housed on local servers.

Cloud-Based EMR Software are considered safer and have lower maintenance costs than the ones hosted in-house. This is one of the main reasons they are preferred over those systems.

Top-Rated Mac EMR Software in 2019

EMRFinder has compiled together a list of the Top 5 Mac EMR Software to help its users get to the best EMR Software Solution for their practice. This list has been made by keeping under consideration the pricing, reviews, physician recommendations, and our expert opinion on the vendors.

Here are our top 5 picks from 2019.

  1. Athenahealth EMR Software
  2. AdvancedMD EMR Software
  3. Kareo Clinicals EHR Software
  4. Epic EHR Software
  5. eClinicalWorks EMR Software