When it comes to mental health the treatment is unlike any other medical ailment. You need an Electronic Medical Records Software solution that is designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of a behavioral health specialty.

To get the most out of your psychology EMR software system you need to be sure that certain tools and features are present in the software. Listed below are the 5 key functionalities every mental health practitioner and therapist should look for when evaluating and considering various EMR software options for their practice. A great psychology EMR software solution makes a real difference in the involvement and experience of your patients.

Features your Psychology EMR Software

  1. Templates and Order Sets – A good psychology EMR software system will allow the therapist to build order sets and templates according to one’s specifications. You should specifically look for an Electronic Medical Records software solution that enables you to do this while you are seeing your patient. This helps to speed up the clinical process and ensures that your time is maximized.
  2. Specific Treatment Plan Support – The treatment process of different mental health conditions is not an onetime diagnosis but is a long journey having different sessions with the patient. A good psychology and mental health EMR software support both the therapist and the patient through better treatment planning. A well-thought software solution will have the capabilities of incorporating both short and long term goals in the treatment process or plan. This plan may also include intervention strategies.
  3. Task Management – Task management is a very important tool for providers as it helps to improve your task management. The best phycology EMR software will help you manage and streamline daily tasks in the best possible way. A good mental health EMR software system reminds staff members to sign assessments and notes and review lab results. This functionality helps to keep patient data organized and secure and also helps the mental health provider to stay patient-focused to improve patient outcomes.
  4. Mental Health Billing Software – This is a very important feature of your mental health EMR software. The billing software handles multiple payers associated with each patient record. By automating billing procedures staff members can concentrate on other administrative tasks more efficiently. Another important function of the robust billing platform is that it can automatically check for insurance coverage via electronic insurance eligibility verification. Claims submissions are also handled directly with the software system.
  5. Scheduling – When opting for a psychology EMR software system make sure it has a fully integrated scheduler with the capabilities of booking appointments, sending reminders to patients, and helping staff to view all of the day’s appointments in a single screen. The scheduler also enables staff members to see incomplete progress notes and has group scheduling capabilities as well.

Final Note

Before making the final decision you must make sure the EMR software vendor offers HIPAA Compliance for Meaningful Use to ensure the privacy of sensitive information shared by patients with their mental health practitioner. The above features are crucial to help you optimize how you manage your practice efficiently. Take your time to research the software market and tick off the necessary functionalities. To be surer read unbiased user reviews of different psychology EMR software systems to see the user’s experience. The right tools will certainly make a difference, so educate yourself through the actual purchase to make optimal investments for your psychology practice.