Endocrinology is a particular field of medicine that is related to the hormone-related diseases. A good endocrinologist can easily diagnose and treat hormone problems. Such physicians can also deal with and cure the complications that arise from such diseases.

Hormones are important in the regulation of metabolism, growth, respiration, sensory perception, reproduction, and movement. This is why hormone imbalances end up being the underlying cause of a wide variety of medical conditions. Thankfully endocrinology tends to focus on not only the hormones but also the various tissues and glands that produce them.

In total, we have a little over 50 different hormones and even though they can exist in very small numbers they still have a very significant impact on the functions and development of our body. The following are some fast facts on endocrinology:

  • Endocrinology involves a wide range of systems within the human body.
  • The endocrine tissues include the adrenal gland, hypothalamus, ovaries, and testes.
  • There are three broad groups of endocrine disorders.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common endocrine disorder in women.

Since there are many people in our country that get health issues due to hormones, endocrinologist and endocrinology practices get to treat many patients all year long. Such patients need proper attention and it is very important that their medical histories should be maintained properly. This is why endocrinology practices need EMR software that are built specifically for them or have templates that can make medical documentation easy.

But before buying an EMR software there are many things that you have to consider. Things such as practice size, number of doctors, number of pharmacies connected to the practice, administrative workflow, clinical workflow and accounting and billing workflow. This is why it is recommended that medical practices should always go for EHR software that are developed by renowned vendors or those who give a good customer service and training after you have bought the product.

This is why we have developed a list of top EHR software that are perfect for Endocrinology practices. Here they are:

  1. Athenahealth EHR Software
  2. ChartLogic EHR Suite
  3. Epic EHR Software
  4. eClinicalWorks EHR Software
  5. OneTouch EMR
  6. CureMD
  7. D. Clinical
  8. NueMD
  9. AllegianceMD
  10. eHealth Files EHR Software

The above mentioned EHR Software are from prominent Healthcare IT organizations and provide quality services. Most of them provide features such as Meaningful Use Certification, Document Management, Mobility Capabilities, Clinical Decision Support, Revenue Cycle Management, Templates, e-Prescribing, Patient Portal and Practice Management. But they all may not be suited to all kinds of Endocrinology practices. This is why we are offering free consultation services to medical practices looking for the perfect EMR software for their needs. To avail our free consultation, just submit your contact details here, and representative from our organization will soon be in touch with you. We will ask you about your needs, your practice size, your budget and the number of doctors you have and then provide you with a list of quality EMR software that are perfect for you.