A Practice Management (PM) Software system is an all-inclusive solution that automates and streamlines daily administrative and complex medical billing and financial processes. A clinic or hospital needs to rely on a Practice Management software system to manage all its practice needs without a compromise.

Good Practice Management (PM) Software should be HIPAA compliant to ensure that any data exchanged is safe and protected. The software system should also be ONC certified for interoperability with Medicare and Medicaid. The main aim of PM software is to simply appointment scheduling and invoice creation and billing tasks. Once a Practice Management software solution is deployed by hospitals then the front staff members can also focus on the patient to enhance patient satisfaction scores. These software systems usually integrate with the practices EHR Software system to ensure the seamless running of workflows.

Features that make a Great Practice Management Software System

A top-ranked Practice Management software solution will offer the following capabilities to ensure that your practice runs efficiently round the clock.

  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Automatic appointment reminders via email or text messages.
  • Appointment calendars.
  • Clinical notes.
  • Client database.
  • Financial reporting.
  • ICD-10 coding converter.
  • Insurance eligibility verification.
  • Claim denial manager.
  • Electronic claim submission.
  • Telehealth functionality.
  • HIPAA compliant platform for complete protection of patient data.
  • Integration with other software systems.

Does your practice really need a Practice Management (PM) Software solution?

It makes sense to deploy a Practice Management software system as it is a growing need of most hospitals and practices in the United States. The most common functions of any practice include; scheduling, treatment plans, progress notes, and billing, and it’s beneficial to automate these procedures by using a powerful Practice Management Software solution.

Once a PM software is deployed a medical practice can enjoy the following benefits which can ultimately enhance practice productivity and keep both staff members and patients satisfied.

  • When daily administrative tasks are automated, staff members have greater free time and can utilize other tasks.
  • Reduces the issue of no-shows with the help of the automatic appointment reminders feature.
  • Facilitates prompt and seamless communication with your patients and this will be surely appreciated.
  • A Practice Management Software system helps your practice grow.
  • Faster payment of claims helps to improve the financial health of your clinic.

Top 5 Practice Management (PM) Software solutions in 2021

We value our customers and hence the experts at EMRfinder have shortlisted the best 5 Practice Management Software systems in 2021. The list is based on unbiased user reviews and they have rated the software products in terms of ease of use, functionality, and user support. The following PM Software solutions are well-rounded to help your practice improve patient care and streamline daily workflows.

  1. Epic EMR Software
  2. athenahealth EHR Software
  3. AdvancedMD EMR Software
  4. Practice Fusion EHR Software
  5. drChrono EHR Software