Infectious Diseases (ID) medical specialty requires a dedicated Electronic Medical Records Software that can easily keep up with the new additions and improvements. ID specialists require a fully integrated Electronic Medical Records software (EMR software) that makes it easy to import and export patient data in a secure and discreet manner. The following are some features you need to consider while buying an EMR software for ID medical practices.

Features of Infectious Disease EMR Software

Customizable Templates – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should offer customized templates as they can automate the redundant tasks and allow users to navigate easily

Secure Messaging – Infectious Diseases EMR Software in order to pinpoint the nature and other details about the infectious disease and then to formulate a care plan should offer secure communication

Care Plan – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should offer insights to develop a care plan for infectious diseases

Immunotherapy Management – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should track drug history, pending vaccinations, antibiotic dosing, vaccination history, and red flag warnings in case of allergies. This can also assist in patient recall. These features help streamline patient care and enhance clinical efficiency

Integrated Systems – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should support an interface with pharmacies, labs, and diagnostic equipment. This allows for quick and efficient data management and storage

Progression Charting – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should offer easy support for the medical charting of all patient data for a quick review of all medical information

ICD/CPT Codes – Infectious Diseases EMR Software should offer built-in unique ICD-10 and CPT codes

Top 5 Infectious Diseases EMR Software by EMRFinder

EMRFinder has consolidated a list of top 5 EMR Solutions that provide benefits and features that are necessary for the success of your practice. It is overwhelming to select the best software vendor but once you are well informed the decision process gets easier. Let’s look at this list.

Make sure the software you’re going to purchase is certified. For Infectious Diseases EMR Software, the certification you should be looking out for is by the ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Body (“ONC-ATCB”). They are responsible for making sure your vendor meets Meaningful Use objectives and is HIPAA compliant. Many Infectious Diseases EMR Software vendors offer a lot of features but providers mostly find them redundant or perceive them as a marketing gimmick. Some of these features are actually very helpful as they are advertised, but what you should be concerned with is whether they are relevant to your particular practice or not. You really need to look at your financial workflow. It is highly imperative that the software you choose is compatible with that of the rest of the practice and with the existing EMR Software if you are opting for a stand-alone option. Please do consult your provider to ensure that the software you are choosing only provides those features and not more than what you need.