There are hundreds of electronic medical record (EMR) software options available in the US Healthcare IT market. This makes it quite a challenge for clinicians to select right EMR software for their medical practice. If you want to save yourself from getting confused with numerous EHR systems offering exactly the same services but with different price tags, we advise you to start your search having certain criteria in mind.

Make a list of EMR software features that you will be needing per your practice workflow. Redefine your budget, number of providers in your practice and the administrative staff in order to find appropriate pediatric EMR for your practice.

The search for the right EMR also gets difficult when your practice is specific to a particular medical specialty. This changes many things as your providers would need to document their findings and having the right codes at hand is very important.

This is why you should look for an EMR software that is designed specifically for your medical specialty. Since this post is about pediatricians and the best EMR software for them, we will be revealing the top ten EHR software for this medical specialty.

A good pediatric EMR software is one that is customized to easily deal with the unique features of treating young patients. Pediatricians are jacks of all trades and they often draw from multiple specialties as they foster long-term relationships with their patients.

They rely on tests performed by labs and diagnosis carried out by other specialists or technicians. This is why a good pediatric EMR software should ideally be capable of receiving and analyzing large amounts of medical data that may be generated for each patient. This includes healthcare data retrieved from different diagnostic equipment or software.

Pediatricians also have a practice of referring patients to other medical specialists, therefore, pediatric EMRs need to have automated referral systems that could make the process of data transfer more efficient and easy to track.

As a pediatric practice, you should also ensure that your EMR is customized to handle a large volume, last-minute-appointments, quick turnover and similar other procedures that are natural to pediatric practice. Very often, pediatric practices get patients that suffer from multiple, disparate conditions, this makes it really important for pediatric EMR software to be capable of charting multiple conditions consecutively.

The other factor that you need to be very serious about is security. The health information of your patients is priceless and it can sink careers, destroy businesses and break families apart. This is why you should pay particular attention to the protection of the highly-sensitive child information that you are receiving.

The following are ten EHR software that we think are good for pediatric practices and can be really helpful for them.

  1. athenahealth
  2. Epic
  3. Practice Fusion
  4. eClinicalWorks EHR Software
  5. ChartLogic EHR Suite
  6. MediTouch EMR System
  7. CareCloud
  8. Mckesson Practice Choice EHR Software
  9. CureMD
  10. NueMD