If you are a small practice and thinking of buying an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software for your practice, you might think that the huge tech-giants in the healthcare industry are the best choice for you. But this judgment could be very wrong.

The larger Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software are usually expensive and their functionality is complex. This is because they are designed for huge practices and hospitals and work better for them. However, there are many efficient, affordable and cost-effective EMR & EHR software specially designed for small practices.

Making the Purchase Decision

Before choosing an EHR Software for your small physician practice, it is wise to involve the whole staff in the decision making since they will be the ones using the software the most later on. The opinion of your staff must hold significant value in this regard. Some things only look good on papers. What only looks good on papers might negatively affect the workflows and the quality of healthcare you provide. A better experience for the staff and the patients must be the top-most priority during the selection of small physician practices EMR Software.

Cloud-Based EMR Software

EMRFinder recommends Cloud-Based EMR Software for small physician practices. There are a number of reasons behind this recommendation although the main points include, Cost and Safety.

A Cloud-Based EHR Software is hosted and maintained by the vendor on a cloud network. This essentially means that you do not need to buy and maintain any external hardware to host all the data. Another point is that with cloud-based systems, the maintenance of the server is not your headache and is handled by the vendor himself. You do not need to spend any money on data storage or maintenance of the server.

In case of any calamity or act-of-God, data stored in cloud systems stay safe. While in the case of locally hosted servers, you need to protect the system yourself and pay extra amounts to ensure data safety.

Best EMR Software for Small Practices

EMRFinder values its customers and has compiled a list of the 10 best and top-rated EMR & EHR software for small practices.

These software include:

  1. Athenaheath EHR Software

  2. AdvancedMD

  3. drchrono EMR Software

  4. Practice Fusion EHR Software

  5. Kareo Clinical EHR Software

  6. eClinicalWorks EHR Software

  7. PrognoCIS EHR Software

  8. ChartLogic EHR Suite

  9. SammyEHR by ICS Software Ltd.

  10. Epic EHR Software