Patients of today not only want good clinical encounters but want to stay empowered by taking part throughout their healthcare journey. The Patient Portal EMR Software is a robust tool designed to give patients seamless and easy access to their medical records including, health history, lab results, immunization records, and discharge summaries.

Patient portal adoption rates

Patient portal adoption rates have been high mainly because of the advantages it brings to patients and organizations. A 2016 report from the American Hospital Association revealed that 92% of patients could view their medical records online using the patient portal platform. A recent  Stat Poll found that 90% of healthcare organizations offer the patient portal facility to their patients. The real value of the patient portal software is that they boost patient engagement to keep patient satisfaction scores high.

What can patients do with a patient portal EMR software?

With a patient portal platform, patients can easily,

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Request Referrals.
  • Refill prescriptions.
  • Make online payments.
  • Update important information related to insurance or contact.
  • Check benefits.
  • Complete online-intake forms.
  • Message the healthcare provider on a HIPAA-compliant two-way messing platform.

Patient portal software benefits

Improved patient-provider communication

The robust patient portal software has opened a window of opportunity for better patient-physician engagement. Through the secure messaging functionality hospitals can send secure messages to their patients. More recently, healthcare providers have been able to easily communicate with their patients via the patient portal leading to enhanced patient engagement and an increase in patient satisfaction. Consistent and ongoing communication enables patients to stay better educated regarding their health and even learn about the healthcare services they can run into in the future.

Enhance clinical encounters

One of the most crucial functionalities of patient portals is the ability to make online prescriptions and referrals. The ease of access offered by the online health tool can offer patient compliance at a greater scale and help improve clinical encounters. Patient portal EMR software solutions can enhance clinical encounters with better care coordination, and patient education.

Optimize and streamline office workflow

There are also administrative benefits for hospitals when patient portals are utilized. The patient portal technology can enhance workflows. Patients can access necessary documents online and the staff members need to spend less time getting a prescription or scheduling an appointment with the physician. Processes are streamlined which can greatly improve the medical office workflow.

Challenges associated with patient portals

Patient portals are being widely embraced by hospitals because of the many benefits they offer to both patients and providers, however, their potential has not yet been completely harnessed. Some patient portals are difficult to navigate because of their poor design which leads the patient to call the clinic to book an appointment.

Healthcare organizations must implement patient portal software technology that is user-friendly to meet all the needs of the patients. Hospitals need to educate patients to use the powerful patient portal by outlining the many advantages. Patients who use it see it as an online health tool in their palm enabling them to stay on top of their health.