Medication Adherence

Using AI for Medication Adherence

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Medication non-adherence is a crucial problem in the United States. Almost 30% to 50% of US adults do not take their long-term medications as prescribed. This can lead to approximately $100 billion in preventable costs yearly. A CDC report revealed that medication adherence can improve clinical outcome levels and reduce mortality for patients having chronic conditions. [...]

DrFirst and athenahealth Collaborate to enhance Medication Adherence

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Renowned EMR Software vendor in the US, athenahealth EHR Software has announced to join hands with health IT provider DrFirst to help enhance medication adherence and patient outcome levels. A secure messaging platform will be implemented to improve medication adherence with patients. Problems with medication non-adherence Medication non-adherence is a grave issue and a costly problem. [...]

EHR Software Clinical Notes Access Leads to better Medication Adherence

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Medication nonadherence is a big issue when it comes to patients having chronic diseases or illnesses. Medication nonadherence is when the patient for some reason doesn’t take their medications as prescribed, this could lead to a negative impact on patient outcome levels. Medication adherence is dependent upon factors such as costs, fears, and misunderstandings. The World [...]

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