Oracle Cerner’s laboratory information system (LIS) will help the leading global sciences company, Labcorp, streamline its operations and improve patient experiences. Cerner EMR Software and Labcorp have joined hands together to simplify lab operations for one of the nonprofit health systems and make way for a leading health system.

How will Oracle Cerner technology help Labcorp?

Cerner’s laboratory information system will help manage hospital labs in 10 states. Labcorp will utilize the LIS to centralize its operations and streamline tasks within labs in the hospitals. This will help enhance patient care and boost lab efficiency.

The valuable partnership between the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software vendor and global life sciences company is a step forward to updating laboratory workflow processes and supporting seamless patient data sharing across healthcare organizations. Through the collaboration, Labcorp will be able to build and expand the existing lab technologies this will in turn standardize and optimize workflows for better efficiency in labs. When workflows can be easily managed, a high level of services can be provided to customers, which can enhance customer satisfaction scores.

Oracle Cerner’s proactive technology will help healthcare providers make accurate health decisions to improve patient outcome levels.

Benefits of laboratory solutions

Lab test results support up to 80% of all diagnostic decisions. The holistic suite of laboratory solutions offered by Cerner helps to meet the complex requirements of laboratory operations which include, clinical, anatomic pathology, and molecular diagnosis. The robust lab information system has features of auto-verification and automatic reporting which reduces manual technology interactions and optimize workflows.

This LIS software is being leveraged by many hospitals in the United States to effectively store and manage the data in laboratories. The system reduces manual processes in labs and therefore increases efficiency levels. The solutions offered by Cerner will enable Labcorp to streamline workflows and make information sharing seamless across the health system which can ultimately lead to quick diagnostic decisions and enhanced patient care.